Matthew has some stones!

Matthew McConaughey says it’s time to “embrace” Trump as president:

It is about time someone in La La land shows they have a set of goolunies and makes a smart and logical choice.


It is rare these days to see one of the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE  take a stand against most of their peers and not remain just another blind sheep in the herd that are playing follow the leader, jumping off of a cliff.


Matthew McConaughey says it’s time for Hollywood to “embrace and shake hands” with the fact that Donald Trump is president.

The Oscar winner tells the BBC that Trump’s rise to power is “as divisive of an inauguration” as there has ever been. When asked by interviewer Andrew Marr if Hollywood’s elite should give Trump a break, McConaughey replied, “They don’t have a choice now, he’s our president.”

It is not an easy to do, taking a stand on an unpopular issue when a person is surrounded by fools.

Hopefully, the number of sheep in the herd is dwindling.




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