EDUCATION is the only answer

Seattle Wants to Create ‘Safe Spaces’ for People to Take Illegal Drugs


This is the end result; decades of the liberal/PC mentality, neglect – permissiveness, and ignorance gone bad. Who in their right mind can disagree with me?

It is the same as PC pathetic, permissive parents allowing a kid to grow up with poor if any supervision. When the brat gets into their teens, they are totally out of hand, the ignorant parents want to know WHAT WENT WRONG.

What went wrong; easy, the parent and the system. Now the brat is too old and too far gone to correct their problems.

Let me be a little more conciliatory. In addition to the safe havens that only exacerbate the problem instead of helping, a nation-wide educational system has to be established to get theses problems under control. That can be one very important issue for our new president to look into, immediately. What should be more important than the future of our kids??


What is the answer??? Bend a tree when it is young. I have been standing on my soap box for years preaching EDUCATION. Not book learning education but how to live a good clean, productive, respectful life, education.


The conditions in this country in so many different sectors are in such deplorable condition and out of wack; if we started this very day to educated our kids properly, it would take generations to turn things around.

Take a look at the crime rate in The Windy City. This is a result of turning the other way and ignoring the problem until it is totally out of control. PC-ers, argue about that.

So what is the answer to this epidemic drug and crime problems we have in this country and for that matter around the world? There can only be one answer, EDUCATION. I can say one thing for sure; setting up safe havens for these junkies to shoot up should not be the only answer.

This may be a little far-fetched but; why do the kids in countries like North Korea hate the USA they way they do? Indoctrination. They are brainwashed from birth. If that is what it takes to bring back our society any kind of normalcy, so be it. Start indoctrinating our kids on the do’s and don’t’s of life at a very young age.  Educate them while they are young and pliable.

Let us start in kindergarten or before teaching them the right paths to take in their life. BUT, always the big but; if their parent and teachers are ignorant, they are sunk before the ship pulls out of the harbor. If anyone thinks I am wacky; take a good look at what they teach or allow in some schools and colleges around this country. Absolutely disgraceful.

If anyone thinks I am wacky; take a good look at what they teach or allow in some schools and colleges around this country. Absolutely disgraceful.

Start teaching the kids right from wrong the second they pop their heads into this world OR the drug and crime conditions will NEVER improve.

PC-ness, liberal and permissive mentalities do not work. Folks, it is staring you directly in the face. If it did work, we would NOT have the conditions that exist today.

I would not expect the entire population to agree with me. The dissenters are the SAME fools that are demonstrating against DT before the man has a chance to prove himself.

Don’t take my word for it, heed the words of very wise man.

Pope: I’ll judge Trump after we see what he does


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