Give it up DJT

TOUGH CALL: Trump forced to give up beloved Android, is Twitter next?

I think it is a good idea.

I did a post on the same subject awhile back saying; anyone that is impulsive and as quick to respond as DT is, he should give up Tweeting. It has cost him a few headaches in the past and he does not need any new angles for the news media to chastise him for.

People with DT’s personality tend to respond to comments very quickly and many times have a tendency to say things they do not actually mean.


Many people objected to DT’s acceptance speech yesterday. I do not.

Was he rough on the people he was rolling boulders at? You bet your ass he was, deservedly so! Does anyone have any idea what kind of courage it took to LAY THE CARDS ON THE TABLE?  DT was focusing on people that were once the most powerful people in the world. They had to sit there and take the reprimanding in front of the entire world. It is about time!!!

That is one of the major problems in or society today; people do not know how and are unwilling to TELL IT LIKE IT IS. Folks, it is called honesty. I will agree at times a little more diplomacy should be taken but on the whole, many people are cowards and hypocrite.  Set the stage right from the beginning that way there is no guesswork involved. I hate to get patted on my back with an ice pick.


Could he have come off a little softer and more conciliatory? Yes he could have but that is not DT’s MO.

There were a lot of politicians, ex-president and the like that were squirming in their chairs. DT’s statement did not apply to all of them 100% but they knew who they were and they felt the heat under their seat.


That had to be the only times in history, being that people across the world were watching, that anyone has put the hammer to the ESTABLISHMENT on such a big stage and set the record straight. I think it took a lot of courage. We can safely say that no one came away from that speech guessing or wondering what or who DT is.

These were not just words DT was spewing out; he meant every word he said.

Hold on to your hats people, it is going to be a very bumpy ride. BUT, always the but; when the USA gets where it is headed, the people will be dancing in the streets with jubilation. Most of us anyway.

Always remember; we to eat a little bit of liver in our life from time to time so we can enjoy what the filet mignon taste like. 

Best wishes to our new president Donald J Trump. I hope he lives a long and healthy life so he can fulfill all of his promises he has made to the world.





I have to apologize for Word Press. Many times after I publish a post, for some unknown reason there are omission or additions to articles after I post them.


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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Mr. President, get rid of the tweet thing.
    Better he levels with us, than the nation walk dumb and happy into some ambush. There will be enough people trying to ambush America, both foreign, and domestic.

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