Starting them out young


Young protester: ‘Screw our president!’

Jan. 19, 2017 – 3:07 – Protesters – some very young and old – cause havoc and a brief fire outside the National Press Club and ‘Deploraball‘ event as they vow to resist the Trump administration. Griff Jenkins reports #Tucker

I can guarantee one thing folks, this kids parent, that is if he has any, have to be the creme de la creme of a failed crop.

One word that has lost all of it meaning and use as our society has regressed is RESPECT.

As much as I disliked many of the things Obama did, I always respected the office he represents.

For all of the PC idiots that find humor in this kind of misbehavior, they need some serious lessons in child raising.

I knew a lady years ago; she had an only child. When this old broad had company over the house, she would tell her little daughter, tell the people who you say va fanculo in English. The little girl not more than a year and a half would say in her cute voice, not knowing what she was even saying, fuck you.  Her idiot mother would bust her gut laughing and she had a big one to bust, thought that was the funniest thing Deano and Jerry got together.

When I heard the little girl, I told her ignorant mother, wait until she grows up and tells you to go fuck yourself. Well; you know the rest of the story.

It wouldn’t surprise me if JUNIOR would make a star performance on Saturday Night Live. Those are the kind of the fools that would find humor in this.


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