Bewitched – Bothered and Bewildered

I don’t know how many people watched 60 Minutes the other night when Steve Kroft interviewed Mr. O?  To say the least, Obama is one complex guy.

Watch this and tell me he is not charming, convincing, cunning, crafty and delusional all at the same time.

When Obama first made his initial appearance on the big time political stage in 2007, I have to say I was impressed with his articulate manner, the way he presented himself, and his visions of bringing about a change to what GWB and crew had hailed down on this country.  BUT, always the big BUT, as time went on, we all know the rest of the story.

I have criticized Obama for many things he did and didn’t do that I felt were not beneficial or in the best interest of our country; all substantiated, not only by myself but millions of other people (I guess the final vote reflected that). I even found a few occasions to compliment him.  Sincerely; I wish it was the other way around.

Many time I have said; I don’t care who sits in the Big Chair, their race, nationality, political persuasions, religious beliefs all do not matter as long as they do what is the best for ALL THE AMERICAN people.

When I watching the interview, I could not help but think; this guy is the either the slickest dude that ever came down the pike or  MAYBE – just MAYBE he is on the up and up, isn’t putting on an act and has an entirely different perspective on the way he sees things that do not fall into the common sense category.  To be perfectly honest; I still do not know the answer.

I am not talking about scholarly decision-making, I am referring to everyday common sense logic. Just one of the many examples. WHY would anyone give a country like Iran 151 BBBillion dollar$ – give a country like Iran 151 BBBillion dollar$, knowing that they intended to use some of those dollar$ to try to take out the whole world, starting with the USA?????

This is not rocket science, it is common sense. Now, that can be the answer to Obama’s affliction, the lack of common sense?? BUT, the big BUT; he is surrounded by hundreds possibly thousands of people who share the same mentality.  Can they have blinders on?

These are the same people who are criticizing DT for choosing people for his cabinet that have them same philosophies and mentality as he does. This is what smart presidents or people in the driver’s seat do; they CTA (cover their ass) with great people.

I had a female cousin that had every degree a person could possibly have. She was a professor – a judge – she had doctorates in 5 professions – was the nicest person in the world but didn’t know when to come out of the rain.

I will repeat this again. If anyone had any common sense AT ALL ( can you tell I am screaming at this keyboard because of my frustration) WHY would anyone give a country like Iran 151 BBBillion dollar$ – give a country like Iran 151 BBBillion dollar$, knowing that they intended to use some of those dollar$ to try to take out the whole world, starting with the USA?????

People with common sense do not make irrational decisions like that. There has to be a deficiency or a motive behind it or a screw loose somewhere.

In watching Obama in the interview; someone who was not privy to his track record has to think that this guy is the most patriotic, sincere, best, nicest, squared-away guy that ever walked the earth.

In reality; putting aside all of the other possibilities and attributes, many of his decisions making for our country, for the lack of a better word, SUCKED.

The Iran thing is just one of the many issues that will come back to haunt the USA while he is building his library paying tribute to himself.

I don’t think that many of his supporters actually know all of the ramifications. They can not possibly know unless they have the same mindset as Obama, either can’t see the forest on account of the trees or are too feeble minded to see the consequences.

What I do think; Obama is a good family man – FINALLY is wearing the American flag on his lapel – is a very articulate – highly intelligent (give me street sense and common sense and they can keep their intelligence) – seems to be sincere (????) – has a boatload of charisma – many other attributes BUT, always the big BUT.  Anyone in a position that he has been in for the last 8 years should not make so many nonsensical, irrational decisions that can be and will detrimental to our country for as long time to come but firmly insists,  all is well on the western front.

REPEAT: If Obama were not the president of the USA and did what he did in some instances (looking at them open-mindedly) anyone that is not deaf – dumb or blind would have to come to the conclusion, these decisions were not made in the best interest of this country.  This is something that not many people are willing to say but is a fact.

In the interview with Kroft, Mr. O insists that there has been no major incident on his watch. WOW. He should try to tell that to the families of all the victims to get their reaction. Maybe they don’t have the newspaper delivered to the Casa Bianca.

I truly mean this. I wish Mr. O did a better job and did not give the media, including The Goomba Gazette so many negative things to write about.

After 8 years in power, Mr. O was playing the same old song as when he said: I DI solemnly swear ……


If I played a video shot in 2007 and one in 2017 of his speeches, they are almost a carbon copy.

To put it in the right perspective; Will the real Barrack Obama please stand up.

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