It’s about time …..

This overpaid, under-worked, multimillionaire, dingbat, democrat politician  Nancy Police has finally made a step in the right direction. Admission; now next should come the contrition. NEVER happen.


Nan makes Edith Bunker look like a rocket scientist.


After all of the unsubstantiated effort (trying to convince the world) Mr. O has put forth in the last couple of months expounding on all of his successes; Nan came out of the blame closet and is trying to put the jacket on GWB.

Old Italian sayings; se è la giacca si deve indossare or se le scarpe, montarli messo su ; if it is your jacket you have to wear it – if the shoes fit, put them on.

I will give Mr. O one thing, he did inherit a gigantic mess created by President Dick Chaney and his VP GWB. BUT, the big BUT always comes into play. That is supposedly why he ran for the Big Chair, to straighten out the GWB & DC mess.


In all fairness, Mr. O should get a two-year grace period to get a handle on the past administration’s mistakes BUT after that, he has to accept the blame or credit for anything that followed.

There is an epidemic/sickness with all politicians. They ALWAYS want the credit but NEVER accept the BLAME.  When something of great success happens (rarely) they are lined up trying to get their nose into the camera. When the shit hits the fan, the halls in DC look resemble a Chinese fire drill; they are all running over the top of their constituents running for the exit doors.

There is something they forget:


This painful EXIT for Obama has to come to an end. It is like Hillary hyping up Obama for all of his accomplishments and Wild Bill saying Obamacare is the worst the that ever happened. It is becoming excruciating to watch.

I have a bucket and a swab next to my couch that I use three times a day wiping up all my sympathic tears. That is a lot of work for a fat, bald-headed old man.

images-4            cleaning-of-floors-by-mop-and-red-bucket-with-washing-water-db140c

GOTTA keep the story right folks. If you are going to  download-1, at least call the other guy first to see what lie they are going to tell to keep the lies consistent.

I would have to conclude that Nan and her crew had a very big hand in screwing up this country.  She and her mob has to take some of the rap.


One thing that gives me a little consolation; at least Nan Police has gone to confession and admitted there was a problem.


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3 Responses to It’s about time …..

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. Sandra Kepp Schorpp says:

    Bush didn’t make the big mess that was there when he left office. His last two years, the Dems screwed everything up and he was left with egg on his face. Nan and her good friend Harry made the mess.

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