You can take the hustler out of the streets……

Madoff reportedly cornered the hot chocolate market in prison

When Bernie (The thief) Madoff was sent to the can he had no intentions of sitting on his sticky fingers; he had to stay on the hustle because that is who he is.

The new scam not quite as big as the 65 BBBillion Ponzi scam but at the same time, it is a scam.


(Look into those dead eyes of this monetary monster. This man has no heart or soul better yet no remorse for stealing the life saving of thousand of people; many of which were close friends – family – charities and religious groups.

His payback was not worth it. Because he shamed his family so severely, one of his sons committed suicide.  I don’t know if that even bothered the bum. )

He scooped up every packet of hot chocolate in the joint; naturally jacked up the price and is the sole source for hot chocolate if any of the inmates get a taste for the brown liquid gold.

It really doesn’t matter to guys like him if they are making money with a hustle or not; it is in their DNA and veins the need the rush of the game.

You can take the hustler out of the streets but you can’t take the streets out of the hustler.



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