Russian Nookie; AND ……

HISTORY WITH FBI? Ex-spy allegedly behind discredited Trump dossier helped take down FIFA officials

Who ever said it was against the law to get some nookie in Russia.

I said this a year ago. If DT would have pissed in his pants in kindergarten; some fool will come out with the story.

The dissenters are not concerned with the safety and security of the country, they are pissed off that THE OUTSIDER came in and upset their crooked applecart.  That means, money – power and control, nothing else.

The boulder throwers tried to derail DT because he has a dirty mouth; And?  Is anyone really that naive to think that because DT said pussy he is any different from any other man?

I forgot LeBron and his crew are shining their halos. I would like to be a fly on the wall in the Cavs locker room.


If it ever happens; I would like to be there if Sammy Jackson meets up with  DT after saying; if that mother fucker is elected I will move my black ass to South Africa.  Last time I heard, he hasn’t got his hat yet! That definitely will be a very frigid meeting.


Talk about off-color remarks. I didn’t hear any uproar after that comment. I guess in our PC pathetic society only certain people can say certain words without any backlash.

If the fools that are attempting to show DT the exit door would have put that much effort into the election; possibly today, Wild Bill would have been the 1st lady. They were so arrogant and sure they had a victory, they sat on their hands and BLEW IT!

Hold on to your hats and bonnets folks. DT Day is one week away. That is the day the USA will being to get back the respect we deserve and starting cutting off all the leeches that we have been donating to all these years; plus – plus – plus.

Possibly I am missing something. How can a country that is in hock past its eyeballs to the tune of 21 trillion dollars (that is 12 zeros folks) continue to give away billions to countries, that some of which are better off financially than we are and are our sworn enemies??

To all the Boulders rollers out there. Go find something more useful to do with your time, like shooting a game of marbles on the Santa Monica freeway # 10 during rush hour and quit busting DT’s balls. If you can get it through your thick skulls; he is on your side.




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