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In surprise ceremony, Obama awards Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom

WASHINGTON — President Obama bestowed the nation’s highest civilian honor on Vice President Biden Thursday, calling his running mate and presidential understudy “the best vice president America has ever had.”


All I can say is WOW. There is now way to top this one. Mine must be coming in the mail.


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9 Responses to WOW

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Giving medals to themselves. They completely wrecked the military, where many, deserving people earned medals for SELFLESS ACTS OF BRAVERY. But, after all, Obama is a Tin Pot Dictator, who lavishes himself and his asshole buddies, with a chestful of medals.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.
      It’s a total disgrace what this Administration has done to this country. If it were not for Donald Trump being elected the USA I would be in some very deep shit.
      I’m still waiting for all of those ballbuster to leave the country that said they were going to if Trump elected.

      • Brittius says:

        I wonder, if after Trump is inaugurated, anyone will start a White House petition, to strip them of their US citizenship and deport them to Canada? Hmmm…

      • In this fucked-up world nothing would surprise me

      • Brittius says:

        Growing up, we had French doors with glass, a skeleton key, in the lock, with a string tied from the key to the doorknob so it would not get lost. That was in Brooklyn, NY. We didn’t start locking doors until 1965 when immigrants from PR started doing burglaries. Started locking the windows around 1970. The longshoremen on the block, upheld an unwritten law. They had me as an understudy because I was a troubled kid and always in fights that older guys started. I even knocked down two longshoremen to the concrete when I was 15 years old. Wild kid. Anyone going near any house and didn’t belong, the cops were never called. The cops, never patrolled because they said the Italian block was “self policing”. I carried the squeaky shopping carts the old people used, up flights of stairs for them and never took a penny. The sidewalks and gutters were swept and washed down.
        Something went terribly wrong with America. Cars used to have keys in the ignition switches so the key would “always be there”. Car windows always rolled down, and it was my job and a couple other kids’ job, to roll the windows up but not lock the doors around 9 pm. Everyone on the block, was like family. Today, I visit my mother at times, and I don’t even recognize the place. Everyone there today, is only out for themselves.

      • I have always said that the people brought up in the forties grew up the best time in American history. As you said starting sixties everything went downhill after that. I grew up in a similar neighborhood as you in Cleveland where we could sleep on the front porch and never lock our windows. The boys in the neighborhood took care of business if anyone got out of line. Especially the young ladies in the neighborhood. We call that Italian Justice. It is a shame that the kids today will never experience that type of upbringing. This Nation should be standing on its head and grateful that Donald Trump was elected president. Hopefully nobody sends him to Boot Hill before he finishes the business at hand. That is one issue I’m very concerned about. You have a nice night a good weekend and never give up those principles that made you the man you are. Semper Fi

      • Brittius says:

        OK, you too. “And God Bless Chesty Puller”. Semper Fi.

      • Chesty puller was the commandant when I was in Marine Corps. He said if it was up to him there would be beer coming out of The scuttlebutt .
        That is my kind of man.

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