How low can he go $$$$


Johnny Manziel reduced to selling selfies at malls

Jan. 11, 2017 – 2:03 – Former NFL player Johnny Manziel to make promotional appearances during Super Bowl week, selling autographs and selfies at Texas malls

This can fall into the category of scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Way back when, for some unknown reason, multi-billionaire Jimmy Haslam, owner of the Pilot Flying J and the Cleveland Browns,  saw something in Johnny Manziel that many IN THE BUSINESS did not see.


He gotta be glad he came from money; brutta faccia!

Manziel could probably be called a  better than an average player while he played in college, good enough to win the Heisman trophy and a few others, but not a genuine/real superstar when he got into the big time.

When he was picked by the Browns as their ticket to Pearly Gates and the Super Bowl, the spoiled brat from an oil-rich family in the Lone Star State fell apart at the football seams, on and off the field.  His work ethics sucked, if he had any at all, became more and more deplorable. As time passed he only got worse. Someone should have taken the lad over their knee and gave him a good old fashion paddling.


This is not uncommon to see good players that come out of college, when they go to the pros are not even good enough to be 3rd stringers.  The pros separate the men from the boys.

About the same time he went to the Browns, Manziel started partying with the likes of Justin BEAVER and his crew and soon went down hill fast. Partying his little spoiled Texas brat ass off, being late for practices, times he didn’t even show up, like Leona Helmsley; for Johnny, rules were only for the little people.


Could be his Grandma

If he would have behaved himself and put that big nose to the grindstone, he may have become a good pro player after a few seasons. That was not for Johnny, he was used to dancing to his own tune, having it his way or he would cry and bang his head on the floor.

Manziel should have been shown the exit door many times while with the Browns. He was sidelined many times and suspended for bad behavior but that was not going to stop Johnny Boy.

There was something in Manziel that Haslam saw that no one else did and the Browns carried the BOY for quite awhile.

When the wash was finally hung out to dry, everyone else was right and Jimmy from the Flying J was wrong; the kid was a bum.


Haslam gave Johnny more chances to straighten out than Mickey Rooney 8 wives gave him.  Out of desperation, the Browns finally were forced to shit-can the BOY.


Mick came way before Viagara. He would have 12 wives otherwise.  

This is a prime example of not bending the tree when it is young – taking the bull by the horns – doing what has to be done as a good parent.

This is what he had to resort to:

Jan. 11, 2017 – 2:03 – Former NFL player Johnny Manziel to make promotional appearances during Super Bowl week, selling autographs and selfies at Texas malls

# 1: like the Chubby Guy sang;

how desperate can the kid be having to resort to selling autographs and selfies?

#2: who the hell cares about Johnny anymore and would even want the brats autograph?

There are 1,000’s of kids in the world that would cut off their left gooluni to have a shot at what Manziel did and he blew it time after time.

As we can see by this living proof of a spoiled brat, they usually end up on the short side of the stick. Manziel is lucky, his rich parents will continue his pampered ass by aiding,

Manziel is lucky, his rich parents will continue pampering his spoiled ass by aiding, abetting and supporting him and his bad habits.

Proverbs 13:24 Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the …

Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

Translation: If you kid needs an attitude adjustment from time to time, do it because you love them. If you want to ruin their life, spoil the hell out of them.
Kids want to be and need to be disciplined. Not beaten but disciplined. There is a distinct difference.
Manziel is a perfect example of who you DO NOT  want your kid to be like when they grow up.





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