Talk about desperation

Penthouse Offers $1 Million For Compromising Trump Tapes


There is a pathetic, desperate movement in this country to put the blocks to DT before he says I DO.

Penthouse must have some pent up issues with Trump. They are offering $1,$$$,$$$.$$ $oldi to anyone that can come up with a compromising video of DT while in Russia.

BUT, the big BUT; they are not even sure that any such tape does exist. 

What will they do with it IF they do find one; blackmail the guy, discredit him?

I would wager 1,$$$,$$$.$$ that some of the stone throwers probably have so many skeletons in their closet, they can’t fix another pair of slipper in there.

Just how clean are the skivvies of the some of the people that run Penthouse?

The list of hypocrites that are rolling boulders at DT is staggering.  There has never been anything in American politics like this.  It is shameful.


The fools are going all the way back to when DT entered this world trying to get some dirt to stick to him. I would ask anyone; what would they be doing if they were a 30 some year old billionaire; spending their time in church??

Wake up you bunch of sheep that are following the fools over the cliff.  I would love to do a background check on a lot of you.


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