Man speaks with forked tongue

Obama defends legacy, warns of a divided nation, in farewell address


Defends legacy – warns of divided nation??? If his legacy was as stellar as he wants us to believe, we would not have a divided nation.

It is the obligation/duty of any person that puts their hand on the bible, being sworn into the office of the President of the United States, to make sure that they do everything in their power to work for the betterment of all the citizens, not to enhance their legacy.

They have to be like a good father of a family. Their needs come last.

I would have one question to ask Mr. O if I had the chance to.

How can you expound on all of your accomplishments in one breath and in the other, tell the citizens of the USA how bad off the country is??

As the old sayings go; you have to take the good with the bad – if you deal you will have to shuffle – can’t eat steak all the time, gotta eat a little liver – be man enough to admit your mistakes.


At one point in the farewell speech, there was a standing ovation given to Joking Joe “I want to take you behind the Woodshed” Biden. For what?

Not all, but a good majority of this administration format was; I will lie and you will swear to it! It appeared to me that the deeper they got into the governing of the country, the worse their practices, belligerence and arrogance became.  They knew they had the power and at times abused the hell out of it.

There has never been a more clandestine administration in our history.  It was a combination of arrogance – don’t answer the questions –  always lie with a straight face – taking the 5th as many times as necessary – executives orders – not co-operating with congress – deliberately thumbing their nose at the rules and regulations – appointments of people who were clearly racists and did not try to hide it – poor decision-making – appointing of unqualified advisors – making deals that backfired; the list goes on. Best of all; a fair amount of the costly mistakes, many of which caused loss of life were dismissed unapologetically.

The off the wall issues were hidden, shoved in the corner and overlooked partially because Mr. O is a black man and it was taboo/not PC to chastise him.  Any white person who would have pulled the same shots as Mr. O did in some cases, their feet would be held to the fire. He knew it and played it to the hilt. Many times people walked on eggs overlooking critical issues, not wanting to be labeled as racists for criticizing Mr. O.

That was one reason he appointed Holder as AG, so Holder could say the things that Obama wanted to but could not. That fact has been substantiated and admitted by Holder. Holder. In essence, Holder was Obama’s messenger boy and did his dirty work for him.

Is being the president of the USA a tough assignment? Absolutely yes, one that I would not want. BUT, the big BUT; if you sign up for the job, do it the way it is supposed to be done, without ego and prejudice.

As I said the other day; the people who should be the most disappointed in Mr. O is the blacks community.  From the first day Obama sat in the Big Chair there should have been programs set up at a national level to get the kids of all races off of the streets. Keep them occupied and out of trouble.  They rather give trillions away to other countries, many of which are our sworn enemies,  while 10′ of 1,000’s in our country are starving, mentally and physically.

Sad to say most of the decision-making in government are not focused on what is best for the people but what is best for the politician; like where are they going to build their retirement castle?

As another chapter in our history comes to close; many of the history books will be white-washing the truth to make the villains look like heroes. Nothing new.  Obama is not the first one, but just one of the examples.

Remember some of the brutality GWB and his hatchet man will go down in history for.  If you ask Cheney he will tell you; – now that is a COLD DUDE.

What will Mr. O be best remembered for??? You will have to ask him.



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