False fantasy

Where change never came: Obama’s hometown

As I have stated many time before. The people who were supposed to benefit the most when Obama was elected as the Main Man, were the ones that benefited the least.

For the last few months, Mr. O has been on the circuit expounding on his virtues while sitting in the Big Chair.  WELL: for a realistic view into that window, ask the people who really know the truth and had to live under his rule instead of the fairy tale Obama is spinning.

Chicago (CNN)

Tears rolled down her face as Ursula Phoenix stood in Grant Park witnessing Barack Obama, a man from the South Side of Chicago, become the first black President of the United States in 2008.

She thought about her grandfather, who was once stopped from voting at gunpoint. And her mother, who left Alabama for Chicago, looking for a slice of equality. She thought about her 6-year-old daughter growing up in the era of the first African-American president.

“Tonight because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment change has come to America,” she heard Obama declare during his victory speech.

Many people in the black community have been deeply disappointed by Obama and their regression since he sat in the Big Chair. Yet he continues to try to stroke the American people on what a good job he did.


This lady and her family are not the least bit shy about expression their sentiment about Obama poor performance.


Keep in mind, this is only one city out of the entire country.

One thing all people should know about 90% of the politicians; they are in it for what they can personally get out of it.  There is no question about it.

When they drive to work and back to their mini-castles every day all the look at is this:

download-4      images-5

They never see or want to talk about this:

download-3        images-4


and they can give 2 shits about it or the people that are forced to live there.  They lived in fantasy land for so long, the rest of the world does not exist to them.

This is where we are with Obama. I don’t know what he was like before he put his hand on the bible but I know what he has been since. When a person’s own people are against them, that is when we know for certain, not all is well on the Western Front.

Mr. O and his policies are a big reason PEDT is going to be in the Casa Bianca later this month.

It is a very hard pill for Obama to swallow or admit but that is the reality of it.  As I said the other day; I have never seen ANY out-going president try to convince the American people and himself of how great he was.

I refuse to watch the PARTING SPEECH tonight. It is all going to be so shaded and lined with fantasies and too hard to watch.

If the history books would shot straight from the hip and tell it like it really is, there would be very few favorable entries.

All of the PC-ers around the country (they are absolutely pathetic) that bad mouth DT for his bloviating, they will not acknowledge that a great deal of what Mr. O is touting is all make-believe.  If we are going to put the jacket on someone for their faults, let us be fair, put the blame where it lies and tell it like it is.

Someone from the Casa Bianca should contact these people and ask them if they wanted to appear on the GOING AWAY program tonight and add in the two cents.


As DT said in one of his calmer speeches; what do you have to lose, we can only go up from here.

Believe me when I say; I wish Obama would have done a better job while in office. I have searched high and low trying to compliment the man and was only able to do it several times.

I am a patriotic American that doesn’t give a shit who is the president or any politician is; what race they are – what nationality – what religion and who their Ma Ma is.  All I wanted was for them to love this country and do what is best for ALL Americans, not just a chosen few.

Obama’s history has been written in stone and can not be changed now matter who hard they keep beating the rock.



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