She was not 100% right

Meryl Streep Goes After Donald Trump In Powerful Golden Globe Speech

How can any honest person deny all of the fuck ups DT made during his campaign?

He insulted and steamrolled anyone that got in his way and a few times did it just for the hell of it. May I add, most of the time without regrets or apologies.

Was his method of campaigning deliberate or was it his way of opening the eyes of the American people to see the political system as it really is? I say both assumptions are right.

DT knew there was a good chance he was beaten before he even started. All of the members of the Good Old Boys Club asked; who does this ballsy son of a bitch,  brash billionaire think he is coming into something we have developed and had a lock on for decades? We are going to kick his ass out of town. Well; we all know the rest of the story.  I don’t think Vegas would have taken this bet.

Were Meryl Streep and some of her cronies correct in what they said about PEDT at the Golden Globes Awards? They absolutely were, BUT the big but, not totally. I still think that some of the sore losers who want slit their wrists or commit Harakiri over the final count have gone to extremes.

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A person would have to be a hypocrite to try to defend what DT did and said at times, BUT, the big but, it is time to march on and support the New Gun in town, who I think is going to do a phenomenal job for all Americans, even the ones he bad-mouthed.

I really believe that at some point and time down the dirty road, many of these dissenters, the ones that are fair and open-minded will acknowledge all the good that DT will do for this country, unlike many presidents we had.

On the flip side of the coin, they all forget or will not admit to what a devious, conniving, lying person Hillary is; who to this day still has potential problems with how she handled her time in office.  Hillary definitely was not the right choice. Mr. Karma surely paid her and her hubby a visit.

If Ms. Streep and her colleagues would be honest with themselves, put aside the antics of DT during the campaign,  take a few minutes and evaluate who would do a better for all of the American people, they have to conclude that DT was the right choice hands down.

List all of Hillary’s plus and minuses in a column and do the same for DT. Helen Keller would tell us who the proper choice for ALL American’s should have been.

As we all can see, if we wanted to be honest; after the smoke cleared and the votes were counted, DT has shown a different, a more calmed, presidential and sophisticated side. Possibly he didn’t fully understand the complexity of sitting in the Big Chair and doing the job the way it should be done. That alone can be a humbling eye-opener.

Let us all get behind PEDT and give him the benefit of the doubt. He has made great strides already and didn’t put his hand on the bible yet. That in-it-self should speak volumes.



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