Hey enemy – We are coming to get you

Capturing the swarm – CBS News

A new generation of drones is coming. The U.S. military has used the remotely piloted vehicles for more than 15 years, but now the devices are capable of flying missions autonomously — and in a swarm.



It is amazing to me that the USA feels the compulsion to

  1. 2.
    an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one’s conscious wishes.
inform the world (especially our enemies) of what they have up their sleeves. It is absolutely foolish, unnecessary, should be unheard of and definitely opens us up the possibility of getting hacked by the same people we are building these devices to protect ourselves against.
On 60 Minutes last night the world was given a vast amount of information on secret weapons that the USA has been developing for 15 years.  I say the weapons and technology are mind-boggling and can be very dangerous not only to our adversaries but to ourselves.
Some of these weapons actually are built to think for themselves, making decisions and altering their are missions as they see fit. What the hell would prevent them from turning their fury on their makers like in Frankenstein?  Don’t say it is not possible.
That is not my primary concern. With all of the espionage and hacking that is going on, I will bet before the 60 Minutes clock quit ticking, Russia – China – North Korea and Iran had their super-snopes trying to crack the codes.
PEDT always alludes to the stupidity of warning our enemies or giving them advanced notice that we are coming for them. If this is not a pure example of that, I don’t know what it is.  Wars are won by the element of surprise not by sending the enemy a singing telegram of our intentions or strategies.
The only things that were not aired on the tube last night were the blueprints and the drawings for our technology.
I have no idea what their compulsion is but I will say, unquestionably, it is probably one of the most ridiculous things any country can do.
I will say, the USA takes first place in the stupidity department.  Naturally, when I refer to the USA, I mean it’s leaders.
If it is their motivation to demonstrate to the world how smart they are; they are doing just the opposite.

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