No boulder left unturned

Is it even possible that this man could say the things he says with a straight face?

According to Mr. O, race relations have improved since he has been in the Big Chair.

Not only have race relations gone down the toilet since Obama took office, the environment between the black community as a whole has deteriorated substantially.

Does he read the paper or ever talk to his old stooge, the mayor of the Windy City, Rob Manual?


It is so bad in Chi-Town, the mayor wears a bullet proof vest when running in the park.

When we have news media like the Washington Time publish articles like this, we know all is not well on the western front.

It seems to me that Mr. O is trying desperately to make his 8 years in office look like a fairy tale walk down the Yellow Brick Road. One thing he does have in common with the YBR;  much of it has been a fantasy.


Marching in order:

Bo the White House hound – Eric Holder – Hillary – Mr. O and Loretta Lynch. Mr. O would like the American people and the world to think, all of what we witnessed never happened.

If there ever was a true indicator of what Obama’s character is like, the fact that he is doing everything in his power to put the blocks to DT when he takes over the Big Chair. That is not a fairy tale but the reality.



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  1. Brittius says:

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    In Memory Of:
    United States Border Patrolman (and Former USMC veteran) Brian Terry,
    Murdered On Duty
    With a Gun from Operation Fast and Furious.

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