Montel has my vote

Montel Williams slams Chicago Facebook Live attack suspects on social media

This is exactly what the doctor ordered in the black community, an influential black person that has a goolunies to speak up and tell it like it is.  The black community needs many more like him.

Williams took to Facebook on Thursday to express his opinions on the brutal attack.

“Life in prison. No parole. I’m not interested in whether these kids had a tough life, whether their parents loved them enough, I don’t care,” Williams said.

The TV personality called the argument of whether it was indeed a hate crime a “distraction.”

“This is the cold-blooded torture of an innocent human being. That’s bigger than a hate crime, it’s bigger than racism,” Williams added.

Williams offered his prayers to the victim, adding, “If you can do this to another human being once, you can’t be trusted to not do it again.”

The four suspects accused in the Chicago Facebook Live attack were denied bail on Friday. The Chicago judge they appeared before in court said they are accused of such “terrible actions.”


Note the defiant looks on the faces of these thugs. They have no remorse for their actions. The only remorse they have is they got caught. But what can we expect from 4 brutal idiots that splashed their sadistic crime on Facebook. They wanted to be celebrities in their hood, now they are.

The four suspects were identified as Brittany Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, both of Chicago, and Jordan Hill, of suburban Carpentersville. All are 18. A fourth suspect was identified as Covington’s 24-year-old sister, Tanishia Covington, also of Chicago.

These four thugs expressed their disdain for white people and PEDT during their melee, yelling into the camera, fuck white people – fuck Donald Trump. That is always good for race relations.

This kind of savage misbehavior goes beyond the normal beating someone would exact on another human being in a fight. These four thugs are worse than animals. They actually enjoyed what they were doing and thought it would build up their creds with their homies.

How are these kinds of brutality stopped? Only one way and that is through EDUCATION from infancy.  If our country started to turn things around today, because of how out of kilter society has become, it would take 50 years plus to get it to an acceptable level of normality.  I don’t see it ever happening.

It ALL starts at home at birth, the day the kids slide out of that comfortable place they been hiding for 9 months. Now comes the reality.  Dysfunctional homes produce dysfunctional kids. It is that simple.

I am not making excuses for thugs like this, I am stating facts. Can we totally blame the kids like this for what they do? Yes and no, to a certain extent. They never had any role models and or structure to follow except their local drug dealer and to some, a mother who is a hooker and a father they never knew.  The majority of anyone raised in those conditions, the odds are going heavily against them from the get go. BUT the big but; at some point in a person’s life they have to take responsibility for their own actions.

I still say our government has had a big hand in the crime and delinquency that exists in our country. Because of their PC-ignorance, they have created generations of people that have never done a days work in the life. Idle minds are the devil’s workshop.  The government, instead of giving billions to our enemies that want to wipe the USA off the map, initiate activities that keep these kids busy and off the streets.

The one and only answer to the vast majority the problems that exist today is; EDUCATION starting at infancy.

Possibly PEDT will see the handwriting on the wall and try to make a move in a positive direction.

One of the primary reasons Montel has got his act together is because he went down the right path in life and him being one of the PROUD AND THE FEW made a big difference in his life.


A big Semper Fi to a fellow Jar Head.


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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Okay.., sounds like MOntel is back on track, and speaking once again like, CDR. M. Williams, USN.
    (Yes, he started out good, as a Jug.)

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