Desperate Dude

In my opinion, from time to time Keith Overdrive has had real issues with flying off the handle or controlling himself. He like so many other pathetic liberals, he still has a big issue with letting go.  

In this very subtle rant, he is talking about when he met DT 30 years ago; Overdrive thought he kook then and now he is not as polite.


In the last few years, Overdrive has been pushed to the side of the pack because of his uncontrollable temper tantrums and radical behavior.

He has not been making front page news as he used to but still is popular enough that he still gets some ink on the last page.

I will advise Overdrive as I have all the others; GIVE IT A REST FOLKS, the ballots have been counted and nothing is going to change. One ray of hope you have for the future.  Remember, unless you missed the announcement,

One ray of hope remains for the democrats the future.  Remember, unless you missed the announcement, one of your own is running in 2020. That is providing the Facebook King will front him the 1 million dollars he needs to get out of hock. It would not be kosher to have a broke president in the oval office. Too much of a temptation to steal. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


The only thing missing on the lad are a set of numbers across his chest.

I will continue to support DT with the assumption that he will be one of the best presidents ever. Why? In a stretch of our imaginations, he really isn’t a politician at heart and a member of the Good Old Boys Club.  He has proven that already and will continue to step on toes for the sake of ALL American people.

Keith buddy; put an ice pack on your between your legs, take two and call me in the morning.


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3 Responses to Desperate Dude

  1. Brittius says:

    You know something, all of the whining crybabies, I think that they, will eventually be the ones who gain the most with a Trump presidency. I am convinced of it.

    • I don’t know if you saw my comment regarding the dissidents and Trump
      I said when there is a terrorist standing behind them with a knife ready to saw their head off guess who they are going to look for to save them

      • Brittius says:

        Very fitting and, let it happen a few times. They’ll smarten up. I often say the same exact thing but the mamalucas (simpletons) are not too bright.

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