Fuck white people

Facebook Live video shows disabled man tied up, beaten as captors yell ‘Fuck white people!’

Yeah; the thugs videoed their own dastardly deed.  Now the fools will forever be celebs with their homies.


I am anxious to see if Obama, Albert or any of the other so-called black leaders are going to make a statement condemning this kidnapping, torture, and beating?  Their silence is the same as them giving their approval for these kinds of hate crimes.  As of yet, as usual, silence is the order of the day. If this was a white on black situation there would already be protests and the imposters would have their faces directly in the cameras crying racism.

Is this enough evidence for the PC-pathetic white people to acknowledge that racism does go both ways?

One of these days, MAYBE the black leaders of this country will realize that they have to become more involved and tell they black youths of this country what Bill Cosby tried to convey to them so many times.

It is too bad that Cosby had a devious sideline that no one knew about. Aside from that, he was very good for the black community.

With all of the NOISE, Mr. Obama is making during his exit tours, I would think if he had the welfare of the American people at heart he would be trying his best to improve race relations before he gets his hat. But then again, he hasn’t done much in 8 years so why start now!


Don Lemon has to be one of the most ignorant people on this planet.  See the video.


If it were he or one of his family getting their asses beat to a pulp and tortured by some honkies, would he still insist it was only bad home training and not a hate crimedownload (4)

Lemon must have been a quota or a token when he was hired as a newscaster. Anyone with the lease bit of common sense, as all newscasters should have,  does not make foolish statements like he did regardless of what side of the racial issue they are on.

One thing for sure, people like Lemon are doing more harm to these thugs than they realize. Time-outs for brats do not work, they need some severe disciplining.

I have tried to get into the heads of some of these imbeciles like Lemon trying to understand their mentality but it is impossible. It is staring them directly in the face and they continue to deny reality. They live on an entirely different planet.  I am dumbfounded when I hear the ridiculous statements they make. If they do not start calling a spade a spade this kind of brutality will never end.

The thugs have been apprehended, now comes  Step #2.  Let us see what kind of justice is going to come down on these racist thugs or will they get a sympathetic judge that gives them a slap on the wrist.

Just like the terrorists; thugs and criminals mistake kindness and the soft approach for stupidity. In their feeble minds, it gives permission to carry on BAU.  If they are punished appropriately, they are back on the streets in a few months but then would have graduated to bigger and better crimes.

To be clear; this is not just a black problem, they just seem to be better at it. Rules, regulations, and laws must apply to all races


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