SFF – San Fran Fools

It really doesn’t surprise me that the SFF (San Fran Fools) honored Caper-Dick when 70% of the NFL players are black. I can bet that there were many white sympathizers in the mix. I wonder how many of them had family or relatives killed or permanently crippled serving their country?

Yesterday Caper-Dick was awarded the  Len Eshmont Award for his inspiration and bravery.

The award was initiated for Eshmont who played for the 49 ers and died in 1957 at 39 years old from of infectious hepatitis.


Bravery, I don’t know? If you want to call big balls being brave, then I guess the anti-American is brave. Inspirational, again I don’t know?  If you want to consider firing up millions of Americans to disrespect their country and their flag inspirational, then I guess he is inspirational. But a role model for all Americans to follow, ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

I have said this many times. There are a lot of other ways to protest whatever his cause is.

Has anyone chastised our outgoing president for what he should have done for the black American community? Only in rare circumstances.  This is one of them.

I always give the DEVIL their do; Caper-Dick did achieve what he wanted which was a vast amount of attention to his cause. In the meantime, he has also created a movement for many kids in this country, black and white to disrespect our country. For him to be honored for that un-American stunt, I think is going against everything patriotic Americans believed in.

Are there inequalities in this country? Absolutely yes.  Let us place a good part of the blame where it belongs, on the politicians that haven’t done anything to further race relations. Many of the black leaders that could be very influential to the cause, but have kept silent. If anyone truly believes in a cause, they should come out of the little castles’ they hide out in and get involved.

By boycotting DT’s hotel, that doesn’t mean shit. It is only lip service. Put it on the line fellas if you are true believers.  Spend some of the millions you make on the cause instead of bling.

DT spills more out of his pocket accidently than all of the players combined would spend at his places. If they are doing for attention, no one is watching or cares, especially PEDT.

I still have not seen anyone buy into my suggestion of playing the National Anthem before the players get on the field so they do not have the opportunity to show their ignorance.  I picked it up from a high school soccer coach.



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