GOOD – hope he suffers

Charles Manson reportedly seriously ill, taken to hospital

Charlie Manson was hospitalized after being reported seriously ill. His bad luck could not have happened to a more deserving person. Let us hope he doesn’t pull through.

This crazy, Hilter loving son-of-a-bitch and 6 other members of his cult were arrested for killing actress Sharon Tate and six other people during a bloody rampage in the Los Angeles in August 1969.  In 1971 he was convicted.

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That means for the next 46 years this lizard has had a better existence locked up than he would have had if he lived as a free man. It cost the government millions of dollars to prosecute him, house, feed and put up with his off the wall jailhouse shenanigans.

Let us evaluate the justice system for a minute. This scumbag and his crew butchered 6 people, including cutting an unborn baby out of Sharon Tates and they were able to remain alive on this earth. As a matter of fact, they actually found humor and celebrated their horrendous crimes.


The way I see it; justice for them would have been an eye for an eye or at the very least, taking them out behind the woodshed, find a tall oak tree, stringing them up and making them a few inches taller.


It is very amusing to me that the PC-ers and bleeding heart in some states of this country find it difficult to execute the varmint that murdered/slaughtered/butchered others. Turn-around should be fair play.  Some of

Some of do-gooders are so twisted with their liberal mentality, even if one of the victims were a family member that was executed/slaughtered/butchered, they find it in their heart to forgive them. Not where I come from.

Besides the fact that it cost a boat load of $oldi to take care of the criminals, they get to live their lives out, some in luxury compared to what they are used to.  Many prisons provide getting laid sessions called conjugal visits for their poor deprived inmates.


So tell me; what is the downside to being a killer – thief – rapist – terrorist? As far as I can see they have it better on the inside then they would on the outside. The only thing missing inside are liquor stores to rob.

How about these tomatoes?  The perks they get as criminals rivals Tom Bodet places.


I know, the USA wants to be respected as a loving and gentle society. Let us add stupid to the list of attributes.  If the criminals have no problem committing the crimes, they should have no objections to suffering the consequences.

I remember years back that one prisoner that was sentenced to death; he and his ambulance chaser came up with a stalling tactic by using the infected needle ploy. They were bitching that the needle that was going to be used to put the maggot to death may not be sterile.  Now you tell me if I am missing something. If the criminal was going to die from the injection, what difference would it make if the needle was clean or not?  I blame the justice system for kissing these people ass.

Another good example of the stupidity of the justice systems. The case of the Muslim Army major murderer at Fort Hood who killed 13 people and injured 30 more. This scum bag was given numerous delays for his trial because the refused to shave off his beard. And YES, the PC-pathetic Army officials kissed his ass and delayed the trial for months.


By the way; Obama refused to classify this as a terrorist act. He called it workplace violence. 

I did this post almost 4 years ago. I referred to the scumbag as IT.  This was my solution in dealing with the Muslim terrorist.


The authorities have been kissing “ITS” ass ever since he was arrested after the slaughter because they do not want to deny “IT” any of his right as a prisoner. What happened to the rights of all the people “IT” killed and wounded?

“IT” refused to shave off “ITS” beard before standing trial and the authorities capitulated and went along with “ITS” little game. I would have hog tied “IT” to a chair and shave “IT” with a dull axe; then used high-octane jet fuel for after shave.

A nagging question. Why is it that many of these criminals see God after the get convicted.  We see them walking around piously clutching a bible. Why didn’t they see God before they committed the crime?  I have to conclude that the majority of it is an act.


As far as Manson and other like him are concerned. I say let them suffer to give them a little taste of what they gave their victims.  If they do have conjugal visits, put a little sand in their Vaseline.




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