It seems Wild Bill is on the circuit shaking the money trees to see if anything will fall out. All he is going to need is a very small basket.


Unless I am grossly mistaken; when the shit hits the fan the room empties out. Needless to say, the shit did hit the fan when the Clintons lost the election.

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I don’t believe that the foundation will fall apart or the Clintons will ever be standing in a soup line but I do think that a good deal of their benefactors have run for cover so that nasty mierda doesn’t stick them.

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If anyone has half a brain, they should know what donations are all about. There is no such thing as a free breakfast or dinner. People do not part with their precious $oldi because they are nice guys. It is an investment that they want a very healthy return on.

When a person or organization’s power is STRIPPED from them and they make a phone call the very next day; the person on the other end says; Bill who, whose husband??

Before the ballots were counted, the foundation was $cooping up millions from anyone and everyone around the world that thought they would be rewarded big time after Hillary won the election. Many of their donations came from questionable sources but they all had the same angel, their payoff after the election.  Then the unimaginable happened.

The Clinton’s world fell apart and we know the rest of the story.

People in general, are such hypocrites it is astounding. Loyalty to them is just a word in the dictionary. When someone is on top of the heap they have to beat the people away from trying to get next to them. When they take the terrible tumble: Bill who, whose husband??

The true indicator of a solid goombadi, when a person is faced with 4 guys carrying baseball bats looking to do them in, they look behind them, the people that are still standing there are their TRUE friends.

I don’t think Slick Willie better turn around to look to see who is there, he may be very disappointed.

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Bill who, whose husband??



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