It is not what I did for you yesterday …

Tyler Perry calls backlash over all-white cast on his new TLC show is ‘reverse racism’

Tyler Perry who is considered a Rock Star in the entertainment business is getting a feeling of what reverse racism is all about and what it feels like to be on the receiving end.

Recently the African-American filmmaker weathered a backlash for assembling an all-white starring cast for the TLC drama series “Too Close to Home.”

That’s totally reverse racism because it was coming from African-American people,” said Perry, speaking with The Associated Press in his office at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

I don’t know if it was because they thought I should only be giving jobs to black people. Well, I think that’s ridiculous. If you look at the hundreds of black people I’ve given jobs to and even the ones I’ve made millionaires, people of color, I just think it’s unfair.

Years back the black community was up in arms about TV programs that did not feature black actors. Now there are a number of programs that are all black. Is that not reversed discrimination?

As the old saying goes; It is not what you did for me yesterday, what are you going to do for me tomorrow? 

Many people in this world assume that discrimination is one-sided. Wrong. If I had to guess, I would say that the black people are 10 – 20 times as racist/prejudice as the white people are.

Who the hell knows where this will all end. The only thing I can see is, when through inter-racial relationships, all people are the same color.  That phenomenon is move at a very fast clip. It may take 50 years or more but that day is coming.


My advice to Tyler; keep doing what you are doing. Tell all your critics to baciare il culo. You can’t please everyone, so you might as well please yourself.



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