Bless me Father for I have filmed

Parish Priest Under Investigation For ‘Organizing and Filming Sex Parties’

Italian police are investigating a priest in Italy name Cotin for allegedly organizing and filming sex parties in the rectory of his church and acting as a pimp to some of his 15 lovers.  This sons-a-bitch is a real stud.


The sining dude has the best of both worlds. All he does is look into the mirror, makes the sign of the cross and gives himself absolution.

Contin pimped out some of his lovers on a wife-swapping websites and took female friends to stay at a naturist and swingers’ resort in Cap d’Agde on the southern French coast. Pretty versatile guy. 

Apparently, the $oldi he was stealing from his parish was not enough to get by so the pervert decided on started a little side business.

According to reports, the pimping 48-year-old Catholic priest apparently organized the orgies on the premises of San Lorenzo church, where he is based. He advertised; Nothing like getting laid in the basement of a church! Free popcorn. 

It is common knowledge that a very good percentage of men that join the priesthood do it for ulterior motives.


The notion that many Catholic priests are quietly gay is not new. In the 2000 book “The Changing Face of the Priesthood,” Rev. Donald B. Cozzens suggested that the priesthood was increasingly becoming a gay profession. Cozzens estimated that as much as 58 percent of priests were gay and that percentages were even higher for younger priests.

Those are huge numbers. I don’t know how accurate they are. This is not to imply that all 58% of the gay/perverted priests cross the line but there has to be a very high percentage that does. To them, it is like dying and going to the Big SEX Buffet in the sky.

Most probably one of the reasons the Catholic religion is not as selective with their picks for the priesthood as they should be is because the religion is having a hard time staying afloat. What they turned their back on and ignored for years is what is sinking their sacred ship.

If there is any plus at all for Fr. (or is it Mother) Cotin, at least he is not a pedophile, the worst of the worst.  He possibly will have to toast in purgatory for a few years before St. Peter opens the pearly gates for him.



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