Easy transition my ***

January 20th is right around the corner.  D-Day is in sight for PEDT who is going to invade the Casa Bianca and D-Day will be a big day for Obama who will be Dumped.

Obama is entering a sprint. He’s scaled up his executive power moves in a bid to solidify some of his legacy items before Donald Trump takes office. Many of his actions won’t be easily reversed. Here’s a look at what Obama’s done since Election Day, and what he’s expected to do in the coming weeks.

(Previous post – I like this one a lot) Obama, the man who promised a smooth transition and full co-operation is doing anything but. He is the guy that puts sugar in the gas tank of someone he doesn’t like – throws a handful of marbles in front of a blind person – deletes all the information a computers when he is fired – put a dead rat in a co-workers sandwich – a property owner that has no easy access ramps for the disabled and the nasty guy that sneaks into the women’s restroom and leaves the toilet seat up. 

These are a few more of his backdoor tactics before he gets his hat. 


1. Russia sanctions

Obama action: Obama vowed to respond to Moscow for its cyber meddling in the US election, and officials were eager to put the punishment in place before Trump took office. Similarly, Obama asked his team for a full report on the Russian actions before he left. Those efforts could include new sanctions against six Russian individuals and five Russian entities as well as ordering Russian diplomats to leave the country.
For 8 years he has been playing peek a boo with the Judo Guy sounding like a PC parent that continually threatens their spoiled brats with TIMEOUTS and idle threats.
If I had a dollar for every time Obama and John Kerry threatened another world leader, I possibly could have enough soldi to have a bowl of Pasta Fagioli with PEDT.  

2. Arctic drilling ban

Obama’s action: Last week Obama indefinitely banned drilling in parts of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Unlike previous drilling bans, the move was made using a decades-old law that gives a President the power to limit future land leases. The plan was lambasted by Republicans, but the White House says Trump won’t be able to reverse course without a court battle.
Why not make the USA energy independent?? It is the same as a guy who owns a fleet of limos and takes a cab wherever he goes.  It doesn’t make sense. 

3. Middle East peace process

Obama’s action: After years of failing to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians, Obama took the step last week of allowing a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements to pass. A few days later, his top diplomat John Kerry delivered a lengthy final address staking out the US position on Israel, including sharply criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
This is one issue I may partially agree with.
Through the years the USA has put its ass on the line for Israel because of its strategic position in the Middle East and the SUPER STRONG influence the Jewish people have in the USA.  We have spent trillions of dollars supporting and defending Israel. What have we recouped in return?  I am not suggesting we throw they to the dogs but when is enough, enough?  
One small example:  U.S. military aid to Israel was $2.775 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, $3.07 billion in 2012 (and $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018). That is a great display of powerful lobbying.
I happen to agree with DT; charity should begin at home. 

4. Obamacare enrollment push

Obama’s action: Democrats, with Obama at the helm, made a drive in the final months of this year to register people for health care through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces. The effort paid off: 6.4 million Americans signed up, a 400,000-person jump from last year. The White House hopes if more people are enrolled, the harder it will be for Republicans to repeal the law.
Trump’s position: Repeal it. The Republicans controlling Congress and Trump have all vowed to repeal Obamacare. There are some disagreements on how exactly that will occur and how fast it will happen. But undoing all or part of the Affordable Care Act and replacing it will be a major Trump priority.
I still say it should be called the un-affordable health care act. When anyone has to STEAL from Peter to pay Paul to the tune of 700 bbbillion dollars to make their pet project work, I would conclude that should be considered a failure.  If Obama would have developed Obamacare from scratch and not put such a big drain on so many other programs to make it work, then I may have said he accomplished something. 
I don’t even want to get into the fact that he GAVE a foreign company 2 billion to develop the website – GAVE it to them and by-passed all of the American companies that were more qualified. In the end, Obama was forced to take it from the Canadian company because they screwed it up so bad and gave it to an American company to salvage. And NO,  the Canadian did not give the USA any kind of refund. 

5. New national monuments

Obama’s action: On Wednesday Obama created two national monuments in the American West: the Bears Ears area in Utah, and the Golden Butte in Nevada. Both come with controversy; opponents say the action could hamper the economy. But there’s little recourse for Trump to reverse Obama’s action. No president has ever reversed a national monument designation made under the Antiquities Act.
Trump’s position: The Trump team hasn’t issued an opinion on the designations, but Republicans in Congress from Utah and Nevada have made their displeasure clear. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah Congressman, said he’ll try to get Trump to repeal the act.
Obama designates two new national monuments
All it amount to is ego. Obama does what he does because he can. It will become part of his legacy that he worked so hard to develop. The same legacy that helped DEEP 6  Hillary.  That side of the legacy will never be told. 

6. Closing national registry

Obama action: Obama’s Department of Homeland Security announced last week it was dismantling a Bush-era program that was used to track mostly Muslim and Arab men in the United States. Dormant since 2011, the program, known as NSEERS, could have provided the basis for a Muslim registry that Trump has promised. He could still set one up, but the existing framework is no longer in place.
Trump’s position: His team has not laid out specifics on what Trump will do with regard to Muslim immigration, but he has retreated from his previous idea for a wholesale ban on all Muslims entering the country. What his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway discussed on CNN’s “New Day” earlier this month was not unlike the NSEER program. She said Trump would focus on “countries where we know that they’ve got a higher propensity of training and exporting terrorists.”
Have we ever witnessed any person, let alone the president of the USA work so hard to assist the enemy??? This can Segway into # 7, Gitmo transfers.  
Is it because this man who can not see the forest on account of the trees or is he a sympathizer of theirs?? If what he pulled off in many cases were done by someone other than the president, there would be NO DOUBT that these were deliberate un-American activities.  Might as well add the illegal, Sanctuary Cities. 

7. Gitmo transfers

Obama’s action: The President has advised lawmakers of plans to transfer almost one-third of the remaining population at Guantanamo Bay to other countries before he leaves. Of the 59 prisoners remaining at Guantanamo, 22 are currently eligible for transfer, according to the Pentagon. Congressional officials would not say exactly how many the administration is seeking to transfer, although one official said it would be fewer than the 22 who are eligible.
Trump’s position: At a campaign stop in February, Trump promised not only to keep the prison open, but to send new detainees there. “I watched President Obama talking about Gitmo, right, Guantanamo Bay, which by the way, which by the way, we are keeping open. Which we are keeping open … and we’re gonna load it up with some bad dudes, believe me, we’re gonna load it up.”
This one has to go down in history as the most ignorant public admission any politician has ever made when John “The Puppet” Kerry admitted; he knew that some of the funds released to Iran would go to the terrorists. Essentially, this fool admitted he is going to help Iran annihilate the USA.  That is beyond belief.  I NEVER thought anyone could be so stupid.  

8. Pardons and commutations

Obama action: Obama has reduced the sentences for more than 1,000 non-violent drug criminals and pardoned more than a hundred more. It’s part of an effort to instill fairness in the criminal justice system and bring existing sentences into line with current standards. Obama’s top lawyer has said the President will continue using his powers in his final weeks in office.
Trump’s position: It’s not exactly clear what Trump’s position on clemency is, but his pick for attorney general, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, has been a vocal opponent of clemency for drug offenders. He has called past clemency efforts by Obama “an alarming abuse of the pardon power.”

9. Farewell address

Obama’s expected focus: Like past presidents, Obama is expected to deliver a formal farewell address before he leaves office. Widely expected to take place in Chicago, Obama could use the speech to push back against what he’s warned is a tribalistic and isolationist streak.
Trump’s inaugural: He’ll be writing his own “short” address, he told presidential historian Douglas Brinkley. A spokesman for Trump’s inaugural committee, Boris Ephsteyn said, “They will be talking about uniting America, bringing American together. We are now in the post-politics, post-campaign season and that’s the messaging around this inaugural.”
As far as I am concerned as well as many other patriotic people in this country, the changing of the guard can not come soon enough. 
There are 18 more days left until D-Day when the USA will once again begin to regain some of the pride and power we once had.  It is mind-boggling to me that one man and his crew could inflict so much damage and walk away clean;  while many of his sheep continue to glorify him for his accomplishments.
There is one particular race of people who should be highly disappointed and let down by Obama’s lack of support for them and that is the black community. It appears that I am not the only one with those sentiments. 
This is an excerpt from something Eric Holder said to a black professor that criticized Obama.
“I’m not his ‘Inner Nigger,” Holder told Dyson, refuting the idea that his blunt rhetoric on racial issues while serving in the Obama administration was Holder articulating thoughts the president had as well but was too scared to express because of the potential political fallout. (Cultural critic Richard Benjamin had originated that term.)
I was always my belief that Obama tapped Holder on the shoulder as the AG to run interference for him. Holder actually admitted that much. 
As we come to the end of the Barrack Obama’s administration’s rule I can’t help but wonder; just how much better of the USA is now than when the man stood on the platform with his hand in the bible 8 years ago.
From where I sit, the USA has severely regressed in the last 8 years. Go into the black communities and ask the poor people who live there in poverty and destitution just how much better off they are today. I think all of the PC-ers will be shocked. 

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