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She doesn’t get it

Some flake job named Debi Jackson approved of putting her 9-year-old transgender daughter ‘s picture on the cover of National Geographic and do not understand why there are so many pissed off people do not share her same values or lack … Continue reading

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BO can’t let go

Obama’s exit interview: Hope and change can still win elections (CNN) During an interview for the “The Axe Files” podcast, produced by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and CNN, Mr. O stated; I am confident in this vision because … Continue reading

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He saw the light

Latino Leaders Who Dumped Donald Trump Now Hopeful He’s Their Guy Jacob Monty a Conservative Latino leader and immigration attorney in Houston, Texas stopped supporting PEDT during his campaign when DT was beating the bush on how he intended to deport illegals. … Continue reading

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Come the new year, millions of the lowest-wage workers across the country will get a raise. Big deal. As a matter of fact, the country will be worse off than before. Do we really believe that corporate America will leave … Continue reading

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Look up stronzo in the dictionary

If you look up the definition of stronzo in the Italian dictionary, take a good guess whose picture you will see. When is this fool going to back-off and give his juvenile impressions of DT a rest?  The boy … Continue reading

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Spike Jones in technicolor

These boys look like a throw-back commercial for the Spike Jones program. All of the NFL brothers standing on the tarmac in their Christmas garb remind me of Spike and the bodacious vines (street name for suits) Spike used to wear. For … Continue reading

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How do you really feel Carl??

In a recent interview with Art Voice, Carl Paladino the New York co-chair of PEDT’s campaign made racist and sexist comments about 1st lady Mrs. O suggesting that she was really a man and should live in Africa.   I’d … Continue reading

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