Let’s get ready to rumble

Couple arrested for disrupting Los Angeles-bound Delta Air Lines flight

It is not bad enough as airline passengers we have to put up with long line for security – that the airlines stuffs us in the seat like we are sardines – the price of flying anymore are outrageous – the food they serving is worse than the chow at Parris Island – the unfiltered air in the planes makes many people sick, now and then we have to put up with unruly passengers.

These are a few examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8HJQlOo6t8

Yesterday on a flight to LA; Bonnie and Clyde got into a severe altercation resulting in them being dragged off the flight.

There is no doubt in my mind that many of these situations are booze related. Either they get on the plane hammered or they get looped while in flight.

I would think that the airline needs to scrutinize their passengers better as they board the plane and then, more importantly, STOP SELLING BOOZE, which we know will never happen.

There have been some studies taken that indicate all the airlines combined, in 2015 made about 43 BBBBillion – not an MMMM but a BBBB hustling ancillaries products. That number is up 20 BBBB from 2010.  A good majority of those sales were booze.  SO, can we expect the airlines to quit selling booze anytime soon? Never happen.

They are just like the sports team owners; they much rather continue selling booze for big profits and dealing with the situations, sometimes very violent in their venues, than quit selling the fire-water.


Bon Voyage FOLKS. Bring your boxing gloves, you may need them.



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