Dirty pool

9 last-minute Obama moves to stymie Trump’s agenda

From what I understand; the game of Dirty Pool was developed in The Windy City and one of it’s own are playing the game to the hilt.

What went from a very conciliatory – supposed peaceful transition has turned into a real farce where Obama is concerned.


He is like the guy that puts sugar in the gas tank of someone he doesn’t like – throws a handful of marbles in front of a blind person – deletes all the information a computers when he is fired – put a dead rat in a co-workers sandwich – a property owner that has no easy access ramps for the disabled and the nasty guy that sneaks into the women’s restroom and leaves the toilet seat up.  That is COLD  with a capitol C. In other words, he is doing he best to put the screws to DT before he gets his hat.


What a guy.

It is no secret that many of Mr. O’s moves have been for self-gratification so he would look good in the history books but depending on who you talk to, some consider him the worst person to ever sit in The Big Chair. Some of the decisions he has made along the way are beyond common-sense and explanation.


I think it is a real shame any political figure puts their legacy/special interests  ahead of what is best for the common good of ALL the people. As we all know, there are not many of them that come  into politics stone broke and don’t come out multimillionaires.  They are like the crooked cop that is making  50 grand a year and bought a 7 million dollar crib and a Jaguar. It just does not add up.

Only time will tell the tale of the New Guy in town. So far he has kicked back on some of his campaign commitments but possibly he is waiting for the system to do his dirty work for him. He wants to protect his shinning image; that I must say is a 360 from what he portrayed in the campaign. I will continue to support PEDT believing he is the people’s president.

Bon Voyage 21 days away.


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