Dime droppers

Carl Paladino Says Racist Email About Obamas Was Only Meant For His Friends

Guys like Paladino make me wonder just how smart they really are.


In this day and age of dime droppers, that would sell their Ma Ma for a quarter, no one can really be trusted.

Days after Buffalo real estate developer Carl Paladino publicly wished death upon President Barack Obama and suggested first lady Michelle Obama was actually a man who should be living with gorillas in Africa, he’s apologizing ― sort of.

“I never intended to hurt the minority community who I spent years trying to help out of the cycle of poverty in our inner cities,” Paladino wrote Tuesday in an open letter to Artvoice, the publication to which he’d earlier sent racist responses to interview questions. “To them I apologize.”


There should be a law in place where people can sue slime bags that drop a dime on them when comments were said in confidence.

I am absolutely sure that there is not one of us, at one time or another said something confidentially that we would not want to be repeated.  I think DT called it locker room talk.

I guess that the way to circumvent these things from happening is to choose our friends a little better and to be careful of what we say.

Was Paladino correct in what he said? I guess that matters who we ask.  Personally, I would say the guy was over the top with his assessment of Mrs. O.

Thank goodness for freedom of speech.

There certainly was not too much conversation made with this little doozy.  I would have to conclude; the media is very biased in who they criticize.


“If that motherfucker becomes president I will move my black ass to South Africa.”

Let us be fair. Neither one of the comments were acceptable but Jackson got the pass because he is black and it was directed toward Trump.

I understand that as of today  Jackson is still on American soil.

It is not certain yet how Paladino will fare in all of this controversy. My guess; he will be shown or forced to use the exit door before too long.



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