She doesn’t get it

Some flake job named Debi Jackson approved of putting her 9-year-old transgender daughter ‘s picture on the cover of National Geographic and do not understand why there are so many pissed off people do not share her same values or lack thereof.  This is not normal behavior for a responsible parent.  It leads me to wonder if there were a few dollars involved.

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Debbie’s daughter, Avery, was born as a male, and began her transition to female at the age of four. Her picture on the front of the magazine created a raging debate, with different people offering different reasons for liking or disliking it.

What responsible parent would permit any child at the age of 4 years old to being a sex change?  The kid is barely out of her/his diapers.

What responsible doctor would undertake such a controversial situation?

We’re of all parties concerned that detached that they did not foresee all of the negative implications.

If the kid truly is ambivalent as to what sex they are, would it more prudent to have her/him wait until they were at least in their teens to make this life altering move?

On top of it; just surmising, this wack job parent spreads her kid’s picture and life all over National Geographic’s front page. I even question the logic and professionalism of the magazine to do a story on such a young person and identify them so clearly.

All of this trash in some manner is tied into the PC movement that is destroying this country.  Because of it, the kids growing up today are extremely confused about everything in their lives.

Whatever happened to allowing nature taking its course at the proper time in a person life?

If this is what modern society is all about; give me the good old days.


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