Spike Jones in technicolor

These boys look like a throw-back commercial for the Spike Jones program.

All of the NFL brothers standing on the tarmac in their Christmas garb remind me of Spike and the bodacious vines (street name for suits) Spike used to wear.


For those of you not old enough to remember; this City Slicker, very comical guy name Spike Jones had a TV program. He was best known for his the outrageous ways he would dress and the crazy instruments his City (band) Slickers used to play.

Of all the instruments Spike played, including a toilet plunger and a cow bell, he was most proficient on the scrubboard.  He was notorious for taking classical music and destroying it. It was very comical and hard on the ears.

images-8    images-9       images-10


I am going to have to contact some of those grid-ironers and find out who their tailor is. Maybe he could whip one of those outfits for me. They sure make a statement but I can’t figure out what it is?



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