Viva Le Rat

We all know that the Comment Allez Vous are a little strange/different in some areas. But this little display of over the top animal lovers sets them apart from the rest of the world.

There is an epidemic of the furry creatures (rats) roaming around Paris becoming a real pain their French bread. The best way for the authorities to correct problem is to send them to the rat guillotine.

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Some of the French wack jobs are up in arms over killing the pesky critters. The protest has become so exaggerated that some of the  Parisians have likened the killing of rats to genocide.

A campaign to eradicate rodents from Paris streets is causing quite an uproar among French animal activists, who have likened the initiative to a “genocide.”

This kind irrational behavior doesn’t make any sense to me.  They would rather have the rats crawl into the crib with their le bebbe’s than extinguish them.

City Hall officials have now officially declared “war” on rats, and are bringing the heavy artillery out to fight their new enemy.

One on-line petition came from a flake job/animal rights activist named  Josette Benchetrit says, “Stop the genocide of rats,” is demanding an immediate end to the city’s program, and has already garnered more than 21,500 signatures.

“We are killing all these unfortunates without mercy in the name of our phobia of rats,” she says. “But the phobia of rats is a social phobia like that of spiders” she explains.

Evidently, Josette and her rat lovers never heard of the epidemic in Hong Kong in 1894.

CDC: Modern Plague

The Modern Plague, began in China in the 1860s and appeared in Hong Kong by 1894. Over the next 20 years, it spread to port cities around the world by rats on steamships. The pandemic caused approximately 10 million deaths. During this last pandemic, scientists identified the causative agent as a bacterium and determined that plague is spread by infectious flea bites. Rat-associated plague was soon brought under control in most urban areas, but the infection easily spread to local populations of ground squirrels and other small mammals in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. These new species of carriers have allowed plague to become endemic in many rural areas, including the western U.S.

I would suggest the old broad buy a bag of weed, sit under the Eiffel Tower and smoke the whole thing.  Possibly that will help her think straight.


In the meantime, Viva Le Rat and long live the rodents. They will be here on earth long after all of us are gone.


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3 Responses to Viva Le Rat

  1. Brittius says:

    Fried rat; barbequed rat; pouched rat, rat salad; rat on toast; rat jam; rat soup; spaghetti and rat balls. No matter how you make it, it always tastes like rat.

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