Stumble bum decisions


An about-face, Navy restores traditional job titles after objections:

Here we have just another feeble PC attempt to $*%@ things up.

Some $^*&@# nit-wit decided to try and break tradition and remove the suffix MAN from the end of the words “corpsman” and “chief yeoman,” which they said was difficult for the public to translate or understand. I say that is a bunch of download-1.  Why should military lingo be easy for civilian to understand?

It is the same old pathetic song as when Obama wanted to make the covers (hats) in the Marine Corps making them the same for the men and women so they would not be gender specific.


Absolutely ludicrous.

I would have had to AWOL for that one.  They are taking the man dignity and the females femininity away from them.

This really pissed me off and frosts my goolunies. What does this guy know who never spent one second in the military, doesn’t know shit from shineola about military traditions, wants to come in and upset the apple cart?  He is supposed to be worrying about Atomic bombs and terrorism, not what the Marines or any other branch of the services are wearing on their heads.

To start and end with, what is the matter with people being gender specific. If GOD wanted everyone to be the same, he would have created all people with hammers or beavers, with that we would have a rough time reproducing.

There is nothing worse than some fools trying to change policy than the fools that has absolutely no knowledge of the subject. It is just another pure example of the government attempting to control our entire lives.

All of the salami’s out there that are bitching about the Trump victory, they better be thankful that we now will have someone in the Big Chair that has something between his ears.

The logic behind changing the names of the Navy personals rank so civilians can understand, it is as bad as asking the medical and scientific communities to change the names or nomenclature of all the technical words so they are not so confusing to the public. Another case of download-1

When is this PC-insanity ever going to die out? It is killing this country.

The next thing that is going to happen; all of the urinals will be taken out of the men’s public restroom so everyone has to squat to relieve themselves. PATHETIC!!!!!



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