Schools of lower education

UW-Madison Will Not Drop ‘Problem of Whiteness’ Class

University defends course on inherent racism taught by professor who celebrated Dallas police massacre

If this nonsense continues of giving away our white identity, capitulating or being ashamed of our white race as some PC-ers have been pushing for; possibly, if it escalates sufficiently enough, some of these white fools would want to become slaves to the black people. I wonder if that will satisfy them?

No one race is superior to the other and they should all be treated equally. It is the rebel-rousers on both sides of the fence that keep stirring the shit pot. They do not want peace and harmony.


Much of the dissension in the country stems from the education in colleges/universities and what they teach that is literally brainwashing the kids.

There has to be an element of subversives out there that are trying to overthrow this country. There can be no other reason for the way they are twisting and bending our kid’s minds.

It should be the responsibility of the parents of these kids to keep them out of schools of lower education. Kids are supposed to attend schools to learn and develop skills that will guide them in the outside world as they mature and to become responsible citizens, not to poison their minds!



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    It will only harden those continually vilified unjustly.

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