Get the emergency rooms ready

Trump secures victory in Electoral College, as bid to flip electors flops

I can just see all of the fools that took DT’s victory so poorly/dramatically standing on the railings of the bridges around the country getting ready to jump off.


But just like all of the distraught supposed exitors (new word) no one is going to jump.

The biggest fools leading the parade were Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Elijah Cummings that supposedly drummed up $9.5 million for a recount of the electoral college.  In the end — they both got it in their end.


Those persistent fools didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the election turned around, yet were determined to make waves.

The outcome of this election had to be one of the greatest let downs in the history of politics. Like a gigantic hot air balloon that ran out of propane at 10,000 feet, it came crashing down right into the power lines.


What did they get in the end or their end was nada – zippo – zero – neendie – zilch – gobalugotch, nothing. Just another 9.5 million dollars pissed away.


If this pitiful trend continues into up and coming generations; they might as well hand the baseball bat to their adversaries and let them beat the hell out of them.  This country, because of the PC-ers and their liberal mentality has evolved into something deplorably delicate.

Just one of the many examples:

To show what extremes this thing has escalated too; that fool that calls himself the mayor of The Big Apple Warren Wilhelm (AKA Bill de Blasio, not his real name) has created a city-wide safe space for municipal employees, offering them therapy sessions to deal with election-related stress.

“Many New Yorkers may be feeling distressed or vulnerable following the election results. … We have seen the concerns expressed on social media and we are monitoring them closely,” the liberal mayor wrote in a recent email to city workers. 

I bet he has his old lady put his socks in the oven to warm up before he puts them on in the morning. Talk about being soft!!

John Stossel would say give me a break. I have to add my touch, give me a &%*#@$ break. How pathetically fragile some of the people in this country have become.


To all the dissenters out there, it is time to march on and support PEDT. Remember, this is supposed to the United States of America not the Divided Country of Fools.

To all the jumpers; make sure to continue yell Geronimo on the way down, it makes the landing a little softer.



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