President Barack Obama reduced the sentences of 79 more inmates Tuesday, marking his 1,000th commutation — a milestone for his record-setting effort to reverse harsh sentences.


President Barack Obama reduced the sentences of 79 more inmates Tuesday, marking his 1,000th commutation — a milestone for his record-setting effort to reverse harsh sentences.

I guess that all presidents want to leave office with a bang to make a lasting impression on their subjects and Mr. O is doing exactly that in more ways than one. We can be assured that NO ONE will ever forget him and his time in office.

Since he has been in office, his total approval for commutations of prisoners is more than 11 presidents combined. Of the pack that was scrutinized (if they really were) of the most severe convictions of 839 people serving life sentences and he granted 342 of them (SO FAR) early release or reduced sentences. To me that is insane.

The question I have is; why were these people given life sentences if in the eyes of Obama their crimes were not severe?  Supposedly, the people who he granted these requests to were tagged, low-level criminals. 

Low-level criminals are someone who steals a pocket full of M&M from a candy-store, not someone who sells dope to 1,000’s of dummies and consequently kills a dozen or more people and destroying their lives.

Are low-level criminals given life sentences for their crimes just for the hell of it, or does the punishment fit the crime?  Does add up to me.

Of the people who Mr. O has tagged low-level criminals, how many of them, directly or indirectly, because of their crimes, caused other mayhem, death, harm, and destruction to others.  Are those facts taken into consideration when the decision is made to cut them loose? I doubt it.

Early release to Mr. O is nothing new. As we all know he has a propensity of releasing people early from prison.  When Obama took office there 242 detainees locked up in Gitmo, now there are 61.  He released these terrorists knowing that the majority of them would resume they lives of terror.  That is probably worse than his releasing of the American prisoner prematurely.

I am the first one to say that there are people locked up unjustly but not of the magnitude as we see being released.  They were convicted for a good reason.

Just as a point of interest; I would like to know what the ratio of blacks to whites that are getting an early out.  That probably is a stupid question; African-Americans account for 35% of jail inmates and 37% of prison inmates.  It is my opinion that the catalyst behind these early releases is the sympathy Obama has for the black guy that are locked up.  Don’t commit the crime and don’t have to do the time. It is that simple. 

Those statistics were from 2009, so I am sure the numbers are substantially higher in 2016. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


According to recent studies, a whopping 43% of the early birds committed crimes and were sent back to the slams. It is called recidivism.
My main objections to this practice; have they been vetted sufficiently to determine if they deserve to get early release, or were their names thrown into a hat and drawn at random.
Evidently, they are not vetted properly or 43% of them would not have gone back to the briar patch where they came from.
Contrary to what most civilians believe; the majority of the criminals love to go home to the slams where all their homies are.  It is like old home week and a paid vacation.
What can be said to the families of victims that are on the receiving end of the of the Early Birds crimes?
A better solution would be;  make sure everyone gets a fair trial from an impartial judge and jury and let the convictions stand.  The practice of giving early releases should be taken away from governors and presidents. Why have a trial?
No one can convince me that there have not been some very lucrative exchanges through the years going to the grantors from the grantees.

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