Below the belt


Bill Clinton bashes Trump, blames ‘angry white men’ and Comey for wife’s loss

When I am doing a post, I try to be as fair as possible and not hit below the belt if I can help it but this guy deserves it.

WBC (Wild Bill Clinton) has no business throwing boulders at anyone, accusing them of causing his bride’s demise in the election. As a matter of fact, he should take a great deal of responsibility himself for her loss. BB (Bill’s bride) would have been better off if she paid him to stay home instead of campaigning for her.

This is just one of the many incidents where he put his size 11 D in his mouth.



Because of the fact that BB continually alluded to the point that she was going to carry-on Obama legacy, that in itself did her more damage than good. That would be like someone using Caper-dick or Albert Sharpless as a character references.

images-4     images-8

They forgot the old saying; we can always tell the quality of a person by the company they keep. 

There has to be a boat-load of decent people out there that still remember this little tidbit and vote for DT on account of it.


After all was said and done, I don’t know how WB could face the public, let alone criticize anyone.

All of the boulder rollers out there have to suck it up – put it to rest and accept that the ONCE powerful and unstoppable Clinton Machine beat themselves.

Go take two and call me in the morning. Not collect.


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