Gourmet dining – inconspicious setting

Ever in Greenville Pa. or close by and the hunger bug attacks you? The best place and most unusual place in town and surrounding areas without a doubt has to be The Bent Fork.


It is located in an obscure off the beaten path; down a side street, that if you didn’t know it was there you will drive right by.

Address: 31 6th Ave. Greenville, Pa

Don’t be fooled by the exterior of the building that I will describe as rustic.

The interior is another story unto itself.  The decor can be put into two words, very unique.

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The honcho of the eatery’s name Monica seen above.

Way back when Monica and her husband Mark (Dynamic Duo) started out selling donuts for a living.  A few years later their ventures branched out for them owning and operating 6 catering trucks.


As the devil has a habit of doing, sometimes he sneaks up on us; that is exactly what happened to Mark when he contracted cancer.  Needless to say, that unfortunate setback threw a monkey wrench into the meatball mix and they had to regroup.

Never letting their misfortune get them down, the DD – Dynamic Duo decided to open a restaurant instead of going back to the wheels.

They scrimped, save and purchased a building where their new enterprise was to be set up. It was nothing to look at and needed a lot of work. Hard to believe, it took them 8 long years to complete the rehab on the building using whatever they could get their hands on and it turned out to be spectacular.

Because of their financial situation, Monica found it necessary to pick up items wherever she could in order to furnish her dream place. The majority of the furnishings and decorations in the restaurant, for the lack of a better word, were scrounged up. With each piece she found, she scrubbed, scraped, painted to make them suitable and in good taste for her eclectic eatery.

What other people saw as junk, Monica being artsy person viewed them in a different light. She started collecting what other people were discarding, reconditioned them, putting them to good use to decorate their new digs.

After 8 long arduous years, they opened the doors to their dream restaurant and the rest is history.

The building in and out is something special that has to been seen to appreciate; better yet the food is second to none.  I would easily say it is one of the better places I have eaten.

They put their hearts and souls into each meal they make, from soup to salads, entrees and desserts. The portions are bigger than normal and the prices are very reasonable.

We definitely will go back.

If you are ever passing through Greenville, Pa., or even close by, make sure and stop at The Bent Fork. You will not be disappointed.

Tell them the Commander and Chief recommended their place very highly.





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4 Responses to Gourmet dining – inconspicious setting

  1. Monica Mazzeo-Brest says:

    You made me so happy..ty♡

  2. Chelsea says:

    I’ve been there and had a very nice experience My meal was wonderful

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