Can’t have it both ways

What a contradiction of opinions. Either it was the Ruskies or the media. Which one is going to wear the jacket?

This one is hard to believe at Mr. O put the majority of the blame for Hillary’s loss on the media; stating she was treated unfairly.

If anyone was being executed by the media it was PEDT. They did everything but pound the nails in his hands.

On Friday he blamed media coverage of the election, more than Russian interference, for email-related issues that dogged Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign this year.

This was an obsession that dominated the news coverage, Obama said during his end-of-the-year press conference on the rolling release of hacked emails from high-level Democrats, including Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. This was not some elaborate, complicated espionage scheme. 

He better inform the media they are barking up the wrong tree. 


As far as I know, Mr. O is the first one to come out and condemn the media who was CLEARY favoring BB throughout the election.

Obama called coverage of the election troubling, even as he refused to blame hacks believed to have been engineered by Russia for Clinton’s loss.

I don’t think [Clinton] was treated fairly during the election,  he said, a reference to coverage that included a focus on her private email server and on the minutiae of emails hacked from Podesta’s account.

As I said many times; BB’s defeat was more of a blow to Mr. O’ ego than it was to her. Their situation can be compared to Donny Brosco and Lefty.

In the movie, Lefty put his ass on the line and vouched for Donny Brosco that was really a cop that infiltrated the Mafia.

For clarification if necessary:

download-11            images-4

Brosco & Lefty                                                         BB & Mr. O

Their stories may be similar but the ending was much different.  At the end, Lefty was bumped off by the mob because he was bamboozled into vouching for a clever cop.

In the case of Mr. O and BB; they both ride off into the sunset but their rear ends are very sore from riding the horses that lost the race.


I can’t even top this one!!!



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    Nicely written Food is great.

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