Opinions are like &%% $*#@! ……

Huffington Post

Donald Trump’s Proposed Cabinet Is Very White, And Very Male

Trump has chosen just three people so far who are not white men.

To begin with, in the perfect society as we striving for, it should not be about what color or religion someone is. The most qualified should get the nod.

Years back, in order to fill positions in city – state and federal levels, the grade point averages were lowered on tests scores for minorities so could pass. Is that an insult to them or what?  Consequently, substandard people were being hired and many times it became detrimental to the organizations.

The goal for ALL people should be that they are educated on equal levels so tokenism does not have to be a factor.  I find the fault lies starting with dysfunctional families and then the government to make sure everyone gets a good education.

Now; if the kids themselves don’t want to go to school and get a good education as many don’t, who do we blame after that?


I have always been under the impression; if I do not have a better suggestion than the another guy, I should keep my mouth shut.

It appears that the Huffington Post hasn’t heard that cliche.  They and many other liberal news media are constantly criticizing what PEDT is doing but I haven’t heard any better suggestions.

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If they want to model/showcase the Obama administration as a shining example of what appointing leaders are supposed to be, let them explain why the USA is in the deplorable condition it is in.

I don’t claim to be an expert on political appointments but from what I can see, virtually all of DT’s  appointees have stellar backgrounds in their appointed positions. They are not tokens or show and tell figures as we are so used to seeing.

Critical positions like cabinets appointments are not supposed to be a learning process. These people have to hit the ground running from day one.

There are going to be droves of dissenters that are going to have to eat their words.  Just like after the election.


All of the bull-shitters that were going to leave the country are still here. WHY??  They have it too good and don’t want to leave!!

If someone does not have a better suggestion; put a zipper on it, they may sound better.



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  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    HuffPo’s executive staff is very female, and very white.
    What’s their point?

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