Hairy peaceful protest

I’ve heard of cutting off one’s nose to spite their face; now we have a new trend that may be getting some traction.


Dr. Kristian Henderson, a  health policy professor at George Washington University, is one of many disgruntled voters who made changes to their appearance in protest of PEDT’s win.

download-3         images

Before                                                                        After

I say that she is a good looking woman either way but the new doo she is sporting is not going to change anything. DT is here to stay.

As far as I know, she is not burning a flag or disrespecting the National Anthem so I will give her a thumbs up for expressing her opinion peacefully.

There are many ways of demonstrating one’s sentiments and making a statement without being anti-America.

Possibly Caper-dick and his followers should sit up and take notice.  He may even look better with a Yul Brenner.

download-4                           images-4

How the hell does this 3rd stringer get his helmet over that Afro?

I don’t know what the guy is good at besides making a fool out of himself. By the season record San Fan has this year –  1 win and – 12 losses, he doesn’t excel in much.





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