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In the wake of a CIA assessment that Russia interfered in the U.S. election to boost Donald Trump, some media personalities are seizing on the report as proof Moscow just installed its own version of a Manchurian candidate.

Give it a ^$#@*& rest ladies. 

With all of this conversation that Russians interfered in the election to get DT the most check marks; did any of these rocket scientists ever stop and consider; DT is the last person The Judo Guy and company wants sitting in the big chair?

For the last 8 years; Seagal’s comrade has used Obama as a door mat. He used and abused him in every way possible and better yet made the USA look like the PUNK on a street corner that everyone kicked in his ass as he walked by.


If BB (Bill’s Bride) would have gotten the nod, Putin could have gone on with business as usual, even intensifying his assault on the USA.  Now he knows better.

With DT in the driver’s seat, the bullying, hazing and harassment for the USA are over.

No longer will there be any conversation such as – You better, I am warning you, you have been put on notice.  No longer will our military people be the laughing-stock of the world because they were taught or instructed the PC way of fight wars or defending themselves. No longer will Russian planes be strafing our Navy Vessels.  We now have a Commander-in-Chief that has a set of big ones and is not going to be used and abuse or let anyone disrespect the USA.


If there is a downside to this in the minds of the PC pathetic liberals as to the outcome of the election, I would like to know what is it. I would think that by now; their knees must really hurt for being on them for 8 years. 

Part of yesterday’s post:

The Will to Win

Unless you are willing to be as unreasonable and as brutal, as your enemy, do not engage him in a conflict — because he will win. This old leatherneck says it better.

Quote from a WWII veteran overhearing someone say that `You can’t bomb an ideology.”:

“The hell you can’t, because we did it. These Muslims are no different than the [Imperial] Japanese. The Japs had their suicide bombers too. And we stopped them. What it takes is the resolve and will to use a level of brutality and violence that your generations can’t stomach. And until you can, this shit won’t stop. It took us on the beaches with bullets, clearing out caves with flame throwers, and men like LeMay burning down their cities, killing people by the tens of thousands. And then it took 2 atom bombs on top of it. Plus we had to bomb the shit out of German cities to get them to quit fighting. But, if that was what it took to win, we were willing to do it. Until you are willing to do the same…well I hope you enjoy this shit, because it ain’t going to stop!” Back then, we had leadership, resolve, resources and determination. Today we’re afraid to hurt people’s feelings….and worry about which bathroom to piss in!!!

IF it is  Putin’s mission is to carry on with BAU, PEDT is the last guy the Russians want in The Big Chair.


Personally, I think, if Putin and DT put their heads together and are sincere about MAKING IT WORK, it can be done. Let’s face it; only complete idiots would want a nuclear war and that is the next move.

All of this unwarranted conversation and PC panic by the far left is only sour grapes because they lost the election. They are all like a bunch of broads that get together on Thursdays for tea. The witches start chopping someone up that was not able to make the tea party that day, saying she screwed one guy on the football team. Before they are done, she did the entire school.  It is called hysteria and malicious gossip.

  1. exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement, especially among a group of people.
    “the mass hysteria that characterizes the week before Christmas”
    synonyms: frenzy, feverishness, hysterics, fit of madness, derangement,mania, delirium; More

      a psychological disorder (not now regarded as a single definite condition) whose symptoms include conversion of psychological stress into physical symptoms (somatization), selective amnesia, shallow volatile emotions, and overdramatic or attention-seeking behavior. The term has a controversial history as it was formerly regarded as a disease specific to women.

Stop gossiping girls, you are a bunch of fools. Go rinse out your panties and hang them out to dry or the Manchurian Candidate will come and get you.

manc2            manchurian-candidate-1

For once in your pathetic lives, cut out the panic attack, accept the fact that PEDT is there to stay and is going to save your sorry asses somewhere down the line.  You people wouldn’t know a good thing if the &%^ (* A &#@^& hit you right between the eyes.


Although DT was not a Marine; I will still give him a big SEMPER FI.


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    Trump will have a “No Warning Shot Fired”, policy.

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