Give it a rest Harry

Reid: FBI director’s letter cost Democrats the election, Senate


Senate Minority Leader Harry  Reid (AKA – the old dried up prune) said Monday FBI Director James Comey was “heavily involved as a partisan” in the weeks leading up to the election and that Comey’s actions handed the presidency to Donald Trump.


Harry Baby and the rest of the comatose disbelieving losers of what they thought was a sure thing. You have to give it a rest.  It is what it is FOLKS. Hillary got her butt beat – end of story.

Her demise is probably one of the truest tales of Karma I have ever seen. Over confident, arrogant, superiority attitude, lying like a rug, above the law mentality; they all came back big time to bite her in the butt.

Some of the people on the losing team took the loss gracefully, while the other die hards want to commit harakiri over the results of the election.  Not a bad idea. 


They remind me of a little kid that was told for the first time there was no Santa.  He just could not and would not believe it.

Some of these sore losers were and still are so distraught over the loss that they conned some bigger fools into putting up millions of dollars to go back to the department store to sit on Santa’s lap and pull his beard (recount).

The recount took place – the results are in in most states and the outcome remains the same. THE DEMOCRATS GOT THEIR ASS KICKED PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

At one of the lowest points in the election, when Trump nearly trumped himself, I said the only he was going to win is if something catastrophic happens and it did. Hillary beat herself by her arrogance – breaking the law – deliberate lying – sticking to the Obama doctrine and being over confident.  Comey and his final revelations were just the last nail in her coffin.

If she didn’t have so many skeletons in her closet and did not intentionally  lie about them, next month she would be standing with her hand on the bible instead of Trump.  So we can safely say that she beat herself.

People like Harry Reid need to take a good long vacation and come back in about 12 years; maybe.

Harry; if you are reading the GG – quit pulling Santa beard; by now it is getting old and the old timer is getting pretty pissed off.  Get out there and find something else to bitch about.



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