Boeing sells 80 jets to Iran Air in biggest U.S.-Iran deal since 1979

YOU GOTTA BE SHITTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it is just me that sees issues in a different light than other people.

I understand that foolishly, the sanctions were lifted from Iran, allowing American companies to do business with a country that can be considered our greatest enemy. BUT, I think it is a matter of ethics and principals that any American owned companies should not be able to  transact ANY business with our known enemies.

To started and end with; the Iran one-sided deal was the biggest whore deal ever struck by any administration in the history of the USA.  The USA releasing 151 BBBBillion dollars to people that have sworn to obliterate us – wipe us off the face of the earth and essentially we are funding their ability to do so. 

The fool John Kerry admittedly said that he knew some of the money we released was going to go toward terrorism but still got on his knees to get the deal done fo his boss that wanted his name in the record book for posterity.


Is this the most %$#@*& ludicrous act of stupidity ever committed?

Now for all intents and purposes, Iran can and possibly will fly over one of Boeing’s facilities some day with a plane Boeing made and bomb the shit out of them. Kerry must have relatives on the board in the company.

I certainly hope when PEDT sits in the Big Chair next month, there will be some significant changes made to right some of the wrongs the present administrations has enacted.

No company that is America owned or does any sort of business with the USA should be allowed to deal with our enemies. If so; their water is cut off from doing business in this country.

Has anyone ever heard of self-preservation???


Bombs away Boeing.


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