What can be better

There has been a lot of negative conversation about PEDT and the Judo Guy becoming close (for the lack of a better word).  What the hell can be the downside to that arrangement providing everything is on the up and up? Two super powers uniting. The sky is the limit,  providing everything is on the up and up.

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If a true trustworthy friendship can be developed between the two men, all I can see is an upside to the relationship that will benefit both countries.  In unity there is strength.

It should not be the responsibility of the USA or Russia to try and revolutionize the way the other country operates. Unwanted advice can be the recipe for disaster. The name of the game is respect.

I have always been of the mindset;  when I am in someone else’s house, I respect their ways and I expect the same in return.

This bad habit of the USA trying to control or dominate the way other countries operate is nonsense. It has gotten us into more unnecessary battles over the years that have cost us trillions of dollars and 100’s – 1,000’s of lives.  It is none of our business the way other countries operate, as it is not their business how we operate.

I personally think that a friendship between PEDT and Putin will be a great accomplishment. Men wanted to be treated and respected  like men instead of acting like children.


We have to understand that there are countries out there that have been operating the same way for 1,000 of years with their customs and traditions, long before the USA was even though of and will continue to do so. It is not our position to try and change them.

The name of the game throughout the world should be RESPECT.  That is what makes the world go around.

The only people that view the relationship as a negative are the sore losers that were supposed to leave the country if Trump got elected.



All Trump and The Judo guy have to do is respect one another and the rest is chicken soup or is it duck soup.

It is about time we have a strong leader in this country that can deal with other strong leaders around the world and look them directly in the eyes. Poor eye contact has always been a sign of weakness.


Possibly Stevie can set up the initial meeting.


They have a serious relationship going on. Recently, Puting made Segal a citizen of Russia. That is a good thing.  Why not??

The Segal and Putin friendship makes a lot more sense to me than this one. I know Denny is not speaking Korean, he has a rough time with English.





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