The fight of the century

It was absolutely the most anticipated fights of all times


The fight was for the heavyweight championship of the world. One of the most anticipated events ever taking place in the Wide World of pugilism.

The champion was a seasoned veteran, lots of fights under the belt but not any that really meant anything, always fighting the bums to get the record numbers up. From day one was very cocky and arrogant, talking a lot of smack.

The challenge came from a well to do family, had little experience in the fight game, was thought to be by many a last-minute palooka that was supposed to be push over that no one gave any chance of winning; just like in the movie Creed.

The dissension and hatred between the contestant, used to be one-time friends went beyond being brutal, their pre-fight insults and insinuations were way off of the chart.

The hype before the fight was astronomical with all sides demeaning the other person anyway they possibly could. Even some news media got involved and said the challenger had as much chance as winning the fight as Bluto had getting into Olive Oil’s skivvies.

The night of the fight finally came. The tension in the arena and around the world was electrifying in anticipation of this heavyweight championship brawl.

The bell rang; in the first round both contestants circled one another, jabbing, bobbing, weaving, staying on their toes and circling the other opponent to get a feel for what to expect.

Initially, in the fight, the challenger surprised everybody with his brash unorthodox methods of using lighting speed and ring savvy and seemed to be holding his own. The champion was very arrogant, kept talking and smiling throughout the fight and was considered by most of being the favorite to win this contest.

The champion was very arrogant, kept talking and smiling throughout the fight and was considered by most of being the favorite to win this contest.

The second and third round went by without incident but the hatred between the two adversaries became even tenser.  They were both cut up pretty bad, the was blood seeping from their eyes and just about everywhere.

The 4th and 5th round, they combatants stood toe to toe throwing everything they had at each other trying to get an early knockout.  Both getting severely  cut up but their corners managed to patch them up in between rounds.

There were times in the middle rounds that the challenger made some very serious mistakes and his opponent took advantage of them dropping him to his knees on several occasions.  But even after two or three 8 COUNTS the challenge  got right back to his feet and continued to slug it out with the pro.

9th and 10th rounds both contestants had staggered one another but they were still on their feet.

The 11th round, the champion made a severe blunder by keeping the left hand too low and the challenger landed of  hooks.


The 12th and final round came, both contestants were bruised and bloodied but everyone thought the champ had the fight locked up. Even the challenger had his doubts if he won enough rounds to win the fight because of his earlier mistakes.

The decision was in the judge’s hands. The entire world was sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the decision to be read. The champion’s camp, ever so confident they did everything but pop the Champaign corks, assuming the decisions was going to be theirs. Then up jumped the devil.

When the decision was announced, pandemonium erupted throughout the fight world. Against all odds, the challenger who no one gave a snow balls chance in hell of winning the fight came out the victor.

The repercussions of the decision lasted for months after the fight with the losing camp claiming foul and fix.  Some of the disgruntled in the losing camp even  claimed that some Russian Mafia had their dirty hands in the fight and rigged it.

The X champion’s camp  was so confident they would have won the fight but came out on the losing side. Many of their supporters even stated, if the decision went the other way, they would never follow the fight game again.

One notable celeb went so far to say; if that m****  f**** wins the fight, that is it for me and the fight game. I may even leave the country. 


As the Fat lady said; it is never over until it is over – the farmer said; never count your chickens before they are hatched – the Italian guy said; honey go start the car!!

The rest of the story has  not been  told but by all indications, the new champion will make the fight game very proud and represent it very well.


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