Thank you BUT no thank you

Boeing to donate 1  million dollars to Trump’s swearing ceremony.


Dumb question. What can Boeing’s motivation be for donating a million dollars to Trump’s inaugural ceremony? One BIGLY answer. We can be assured that they are certainly looking for a boost or payback somewhere down the road. No such thing as a free lunch.

If PEDT is going to come out of the starting blocks the right way, he has to set a president and tell Boeing; thanks but no thanks.

As we all know,  once a donation is accepted, the recipient is always beholding.

Even after PEDT tightened the grip on Boeing’s financial transaction with their tentative 4 billion dollar aircraft contract, the giant airline manufacturing company  has not backed off of their 1 million dollar donation to his inauguration ceremony.

Boeing gave to Obama the same amount of money for his  2013 inauguration. That can possibly account for the reason they got a 4 billion dollar contract under hid watch.  It is very common and called business as usual.


I would like to see PEDT return the million dollar gift just for the principle of it.

Most people don’t understand; when ANY company gets their foot in the door working on government projects, the sky is the limit.

The number they submit to win the contract award is just a guideline.  A 4 billion dollar contract can conceivably grow into a 6 billion dollar or more in the final billing. This has been  an established way of doing business for years.

I would suggest that PEDT not accept the donation.  The pattern should be set right off the bat.  If he is going to drain the swamp, I am sure that Boeing has a few alligators swimming around in it.


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