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Trump: SoftBank to add $50B, 50K jobs in U.S.


JWTDO – Just What the Doctor Ordered

SAN FRANCISCO — Telecommunications giant SoftBank Group plans to invest $50 billion into the U.S. economy, and add 50,000 jobs, president-elect Donald Trump announced in New York Tuesday

So what say all of the nay-sayers?

The Man has not even sat in the Big Chair yet and has accomplished in a month more than most people would have ever expected, except himself and his true supporters.

This transaction with Soft Bank Group is just a small example of what a hands-on approach to business can mean.  The SBG said they would not have made this investment if the other side won the election. 50 billion is not chicken feed.

What do you think of that LeBron and crew? Give the man a chance to either prove his is right or his is wrong.   Don’t act so immature by taking all of your marbles and going home. On the other hand; who really cares??

As I said the other day; PEDT is personalizing all of his negotiations, he is not sending the upstairs janitor as a front man.  That in itself shows the sincerity of the deal maker.  I would expect that he will be personally involved in the majority of the deal making.


Trump is a stellar example of what separates the men from the boys and the sore losers out there.



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