Tip of the Iceberg

Donald Trump wants to cancel government plans to build two new Air Force One jets.

The president-elect said in a tweet Tuesday that the new Boeing (BA) 747 jet that’s being built to carry “future presidents” already costs more than $4 billion, and that he wants to cancel the order.


 “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”
Hold on to your hats you bandits; the best is yet to come.
It is not a secret, any contractor – supplier or merchant that gets their foot in the door and is awarded a contract with Uncle Sam has just got a one-way ticket to exceptional wealth and it is not always or even sometimes on the up and up.  It is better than winning the lottery.
This is one of the issues that PEDT is going to put a stop to; excessive, wasteful government spending.  Accountability is going to be the name of the game.
PEDT is certain to and has already stepped on a lot of toes of people that have been the recipients of free-bees for decades. The party is going to be over.  This is one of the MAIN reasons so many top dogs in this country were and are opposed to him sitting in the Big Chair.
I just hope for his sake that he has adequate protection.  There are a lot of crazies out there.
Side note:
Donald Trump may have to sell one of his hotels in The Big Apple due to the chance of going bankrupt.
Reason being; Le Bron and company decided not to stay there in protest to PEDT’s getting the nod.  Big &^$%#@ deal. Get over it lads, the die has already been cast.  Do what you do best and stick to double dribbling.
The reliable information I get; Le Bron is a very poor tipper anyway. The help at the hotel will definitely not miss him at all.

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