Joking Joe Biden – Gotta be kidding

It is no wonder I gave Joe Biden the nickname of Joking Joe. The man is actually an embarrassment to himself and the Obama Administration, if that’s possible.

In this morning’s headlines, Joking Joe made a statement that he is considering a run for the Big Chair in 2020.  Joe give me a $%*&#& break. Is that pathetic or what.


This announcement of desperation just goes to show the depths in which the Democratic Party/Obama administration took the ass whooping that Donald Trump gave them. The defeat to Hillary Clinton was a bigger blemish/insult  to Mr. O than it was on the Clinton machine.

I still believe the reason Obama tapped Joe on the shoulder for the VP job, there had to be  some sort of payment or favor to repay.  I don’t know what the man brought to the table.

The guy is now 74 years old. In 2020, if he is still kicking, he will be 78 and have no chance of running for the presidency at all from his wheelchair.

I can’t even conceive that democratic party would be that desperate to consider him for the run.

I know what he will say if asked; I WAS ONLY JOKING.

I still think that Joe and DT should put on the gloves.  Remember Joe said not too long ago put the challenge out there that he would like to take DT to the gym.

Careful what you wish for old fella!!



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